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The Four-Ingredient Detox Drink

Many of us suffer from digestive problems that are harmful to our health, such as constipation, cramps, irritable bowel syndrome, and more. Despite the complexity and frustration that these problems cause, the solution for you is probably in a very close and accessible place - your kitchen.


A healthy diet that helps remove toxins and intestinal parasites is a very effective tool for improving the quality of life of anyone with digestive problems, and if you experience them, you should try it out. A great way to get started is by using a special, simple drink to prepare you for a thorough cleanse of your digestive system using just four ingredients:

detox drink

The four ingredients: apple, ginger, and lemon, with little sea salt

Each of the ingredients in this drink has important functions in cleansing the intestines, which are outlined below. Here's what each ingredient does: 


Apples provide the body with a very high amount of fiber, and specifically pectin fibers, which help clear the intestines when they pass through them, reduce cholesterol levels in the body and are considered anti-bacterial. In addition, apples are rich in minerals that are beneficial to our bodies’ health, and there’s even a detox diet that includes eating apples almost exclusively for five days. Of course, this is an extreme and far-fetched diet that could cause damage to the body and is not to be used, especially considering the awesome recipe below. 

detox drink


In India, ginger has been used for more than 5,000 years to cure various diseases, including digestive problems. Ginger increases the secretion of digestive juices and encourages the movement of the intestines, thus helping to release the excrement from the body along with the waste and toxins present in it. In addition, a study at the University of Michigan Medical School found that ginger intake helps reduce symptoms of colitis, which is considered a precursor of colon cancer. 

detox drink


Lemon contains many antioxidants and a high amount of vitamin C, which is soluble in water and therefore can pass easily in the intestines and destroy free radicals and various toxins - an ability that also makes the lemon effective in preventing intestinal cancer. In addition, its atomic structure is very similar to that of the chlorine hydrogen in our digestive juices, and it encourages the liver to produce bile - a fluid required for normal digestion processes. Drinking lemon water also has health benefits, you can click here to learn more about them.

detox drink

Sea salt

Although you may doubt salt as a healthy ingredient, you should first know that most of the harmful salt we consume comes from processed food, and generally, there is nothing wrong with adding a little sea salt to food unless you have a medical problem and your doctor has instructed otherwise. Sea salt can release fluid retention, and adding it to this drink gives it the ability to contribute to the process of washing toxins from the intestines out of the body.

detox drink

Four ingredient juice recipe


•   ½ cup natural apple juice
•   2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
•   1 teaspoon ginger juice (blend ginger with 1 to 1 ½ cups water until you get a thick liquid)
•   ½ teaspoon sea salt
•   ½ cup warm water



1. Heat water in a pot until it’s hot, but you can still drink it (without boiling).

2. When the water has reached the proper heat, transfer it to a cup, add sea salt and stir.

3. Add apple juice, ginger juice, and lemon juice.

Drink the juice in the morning, on an empty stomach, at room temperature. Drink it again before you have a light lunch, preferably one based mostly on vegetables, and again in the evening. It is very important that you drink 6-8 cups of regular water during the day, which will help remove the toxins from your intestines.

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