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Guide: How to Wrap Elastic an Bandage On Any Body Part

 Sprains, inflammation, tendonitis - all these things happen to us more and more as we age, and we have to deal with pain and a lot of discomfort. When we get inflammation in the joints or suffer some kind of injury, one of the most important things you can do is to bandage the area carefully. If you don't, it will bounce around with unintended movement and make the whole healing process last longer.

Here's a list of 8 tutorials to help you learn exactly how to bandage areas that are prone to inflammation and injury and may need bandaging. 

 How to bandage a hand

How to bandage a deep wound

How to bandage a general sprain 

How to bandage a leg

How to bandage a wrist

How to bandage an ankle

How to bandage a finger

How to bandage a thumb

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