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The Many Great Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

 If you love nuts and want to be as healthy as you possibly can be, then you can't really go wrong with Brazil nuts. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, plenty of antioxidants and vitamins, and piles of selenium, Brazil nuts really work wonders for your health. Keep reading to discover why these exotic nuts are so good for you.


What does an ounce (6 kernels) of Brazil nuts contain?
• 544 mcg selenium (777% DV)
• 186.8 mg potassium (5% DV)
• 3 g carbohydrates
• 13 g unsaturated fats
• 4 g protein (8% DV)
• 2 g fiber (8% DV)
• 185 calories

What are the main health benefits of Brazil nuts?

1. They protect your skin.

Brazil Nuts
Brazil nuts are bursting with selenium, which is a chemical that makes your skin very happy. Eating Brazil nuts will improve your skin's elasticity and give it a warm glow. At the same time, they also prevent premature aging, while also clearing and preventing acne breakouts.
2. They help with weight loss.
The brilliant blend of protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates and plenty of nutrients makes Brazil nuts the ideal healthy snack for anyone trying to shed some pounds. This is because they increase your satiety, thereby preventing you from overeating. Be careful not to overindulge though, since eating more than 8 at once may be counterintuitive.
3. They lower bad cholesterol.Brazil Nuts
Brazil nuts are rich in oleic acid, palmitoleic acid, and omega-3 fatty acids, all of which are very good for your heart, as they play a key role in reducing the levels of omega-6 fatty acids, which can cause many horrible cardiovascular issues. Consuming Brazil nuts will lower your chances of developing atherosclerosis or of experiencing a heart attack or stroke.

4. They fight cancer.
The same antioxidants that prevent atherosclerosis are also responsible for preventing certain kinds of cancer, with scientists from Cornell University and the University of Arizona claiming that regular exposure to selenium over a decade can reduce your chances of getting cancer by up to 41%.
5. They treat Alzheimer's.Brazil Nuts
The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of selenium have been found to help decrease your chances of developing Alzheimer's disease. Furthermore, Brazil nuts also contain a chemical called lecithin, which boosts brain function by enhancing the concentration of neurotransmitters present.

6. They balance your hormones.
Brazil nuts are able to adequately balance your hormone levels thanks to the selenium they contain. They are particularly adept at regulating thyroid function, as well as balancing your thyroid levels, due to the significant amount of copper they contain.
7. They promote bone and dental health.Brazil Nuts
If you want to have strong bones and teeth, then make sure to get your hands on some lovely Brazil nuts! This is because Brazil nuts are able to strengthen and maintain tooth and bone health thanks to the high levels of phosphorus and copper they contain.

8. They tackle selenium deficiency.
Selenium deficiency is a terrible disease that has been linked to depression, anxiety, asthma, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and even seizures. Thankfully, anyone suffering from such a deficiency will be able to tackle it by consuming plenty of Brazil nuts on a daily basis.


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