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Foods and Drinks That Can Damage Your Teeth

 We all want a nice healthy smile, and we do everything in our power to ensure this – we visit the dentist regularly, we refuse to consume too many sugary foods, and we do our best to maintain a healthy diet. However, foods that seem to be safe often turn out to be very damaging to your teeth.


1. White Wine

Lovers of white wine have to make an important decision: their favorite beverage or healthy enamel. The second option should be the obvious choice if you don’t want hypersensitive or fragile teeth.

2. Chips

Chips contain carbohydrates that turn into glucose under the influence of saliva. This can cause a trivial but dangerous cavity. Another thing that chips leave is dental plaque, so don’t forget to brush your teeth after you have a snack.


3. Chewing Gum

Sugar-free gum might seem safe for teeth, but it still has a destructive influence on dental crowns, fillings, and bridges. To add to this, when you chew gum, saliva production increases, leading to alkali production. This will erode fillings and dental enamel.

4. Popcorn

You should consider watching a movie without popcorn because every pack contains seeds that didn’t pop. These seeds can damage dental crowns and weak teeth. Furthermore, this sweet food consists of carbohydrates that form harmful glucose.

5. Tomatoes

Just like citrus fruits, tomatoes are acidic. This is true not just for fresh tomatoes, but also for different sauces. This acid damages teeth a lot and increases dental sensitivity. Therefore, you should avoid cooking dishes that contain tomatoes too often.


6. Bread, Macaroni, and Potatoes

Starchy foods stick to the teeth and stay in the mouth for longer. The starch then acts as a breeding ground for dental plaque. To add to this. Starch turns into sugar when it comes into contact with saliva, leading to cavities and other serious issues.

7. Dried Fruit

Dried apricots, sugar plums, and other dried fruit are harmful to teeth because of their sticky structure. The sugar will stick to your teeth, causing cavities and damaging enamel.

8. Tea

Tea contains caffeine, which has some negative effects on your body, but not your teeth. There is a lot less fluorine in tea than coffee, but it does a lot of damage to your teeth. Fluorine is necessary for the human body, but when there’s too much of it, it affects the health of bones and teeth. Therefore, to be safe, don’t drink more than 4 cups a day, and don’t binge on cheap teabags.


Source: brightside
Images: depositphotos



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