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This Amazing Home Remedy Will Clear Your Nasal Passages

 Whether it's winter or summer, a stuffy nose is an annoying problem we have all faced before. The good news is that even if you have a minor cold or you are suffering from an allergy, you don't have to go out and buy expensive medicine. This home-made solution is natural, cheap, simple, and easy to make. This remedy will open up your breathing paths and is suitable for anyone old enough to consume honey.



• A cup of honey
• A cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice
• 5 - 7 radishes
• 1 small purple onion
• 6 Medium cloves of garlic

nasal passage, home remedy
First of all, wash and clean all of the vegetables, cut off both tips of the radishes and peel the onion and the garlic. Next, you will need to put all of the ingredients, including the honey and the lemon juice, in a blender. Cutting the onion and the radishes to smaller bits will ease the job of your blender and help in creating a smoother texture.
nasal passage, home remedy
blend everything up until you have a smooth and unified liquid.
nasal passage, home remedy
Pour the liquid from your blender to the bottle. You will want to pour it in through a strainer. The filtered leftovers can be used to season a healthy soup or a multitude of other foods.
nasal passage, home remedy
And there you have it, the medicine is finished and should be stored in a cold place for up to a week. You will start feeling its effects about two hours after taking it and no later than 24 hours. The recommended dose is two spoons per day for an adult and one spoon per day for a child. Keep in mind, this is not a suitable medicine for babies and children too young to eat honey.
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