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The Ultimate Yoga Collection: Find Your Perfect Yoga Practice

 In this treasure chest of ancient wisdom and self-love, you'll find a multitude of yoga sequences and exercises catered towards everyone and anyone, all ages and activity levels will find something for themselves. Yoga is the all-encompassing exercise and self-care practice, it is open and available to everyone, and every person can feel the benefits just after a few days of practicing this ancient art. So why not at least dip your toes into one of these fun practices and feel better about your physical and mental self today?
We all know someone who does yoga. It’s usually clear that they’re dedicated to their practice, but how do you know if yoga is right for you? Well, even if you don't, your body knows, and it’s trying to tell you to start practicing yoga with these silent, or maybe not-so-silent signs.
From reduced stress to improved strength and flexibility, the benefits of yoga have made it an increasingly popular form of exercise in the West. But, it can be rather intimidating to some too, whatever your reason may be. But we guarantee that using a prop, such as a chair, will help change your perception of yoga. 
Just before you turn off the lights and try to sleep, try this. Nutritionist and yoga teacher Liel Cheri has a series of great yoga exercises that can be done in bed, and they’ll help you relax, do some fitness and improve your health and appearance! We have prepared a detailed guide for 5 of these exercises that’ll make you sleep well and feel great. 
In everyday life, we tend to neglect our bodies and fail to provide them with everything they need, such as adequate rest and exercise. To counteract the damage we inflict on ourselves, we recommend doing these next 7 yoga poses every morning, which will get your blood going and give you a long-lasting boost of energy!
Nowadays, kids face more challenges than any other generation that came before them, no wonder they feel overwhelmed. But, what can be done to help them deal with the pressures of day-to-day life? Kids' yoga is an excellent way to boost kids' self-esteem, as it's capable of reducing stress and centering and calming the mind. It also builds core strength and balance and is a great way to build coordination and flexibility.
Yoga is a peaceful and mindful way to remain aware of your body and its needs, as well as work on flexibility and stretching that could keep you feeling better much longer. Here are some great facts on the benefits of practicing yoga and the entire philosophy that surrounds it.
You've probably heard before that yoga is good for you, but it does so much more than help you gain flexibility, improve your balance and de-stress. Here are some surprising benefits of yoga that you should know about. It may even inspire you to pick up this healthy pastime!

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