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A Simple 30-Minute Massage to Remain Cellulite-Free

 An anti-cellulite massage is always a good thing to know how to perform, and this is because it can keep your body looking as good as can be. Here’s how to perform a simply 30-minute anti-cellulite massage to remain cellulite free and have a fit body:





What you’ll need

• A brush with natural bristles

• A body scrub with big granules

• Body oil

• A silicone cup

This massage should not leave you with any bruises to speak of. Areas such as the back of your knees and inner surface of your thigh should be avoided to avert injury.

First Variant

1. Starting from your feet and working upward, apply the body scrub to your dry skin.

2. Knead your skin with the tip if your thumb and fingers, in a motion that should almost feel like you’re pinching yourself. Do this for 10 minutes.


3. Starting from your feet and working upward, apply oil and a silicone cup, moving the cup in a circular motion as you go.

4. Repeat the second step after massaging with the cup.


This exercise should be repeated three times per week, with 10 minutes spent on each area of the leg.

Second Variant – “Express Massage”

1. Massage your skin with a dry brush before taking a shower. The motion you use should be quite intense. Make sure you brush your skin in a clockwise motion, starting from your feet upward.

2. Apply some oil and knead it into problem areas after you’ve taken a shower.
Perform these massages on a regular basis to keep your body as beautiful as can be! 
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