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Get Rid of Your Double Chin with These 5 Exercises

 Once we hit our twenties, the skin around our neck and chin loses collagen and elasticity, causing it to sag. Factors like sun exposure, smoking, and poor diet can intensify the process. But thankfully, you do not need to undergo surgery to tone your neck and chin. Instead, you can work on the two main muscles that make up your neck - the sternocleidomastoid and the platysma. These five moves will help pull the overlaying skin, providing a tighter, younger and healthier look, returning your neck to its former glory.
1. Kiss the Ceiling
Banish - Double - Chins

Stand tall, keep your arms by your side. Tilt your head back so that you are looking at the ceiling.

Pucker your lips, as though you are trying to kiss the ceiling, extending them as far away from your face as possible. You should feel the muscles around your neck and chin tighten.

Hold for five seconds and relax your lips, lowering your chin to its natural position. Complete two sets of 15 repetitions each.


2. Head Lifts
Banish - Double - Chins

Lie face-up on your bed. Keep your neck at the edge of the bed and let your head hang over the edge of your bed.

Contract the muscles at the front of your neck and slowly lift and curl your head toward your chest as much as you can. Keep your shoulders flat on the bed. Hold for 10 seconds. Slowly relax your neck, returning your head to the starting position. That is one repetition.

Complete this exercise for three sets, of two repetitions each. Be sure to sit up between each set to prevent dizziness.

Should you get dizzy, take sitting breaks between each repetition or perform the exercises on the floor, supporting your neck in the starting position.

3. Jaw Release
Banish - Double - Chins

For this exercise, you can remain seated or stand. Keep your spine long and straight. Move your jaw up and down, in a chewing motion. Keeping your lips together, inhale deeply through your nose and slowly exhale while humming.

When you finish, exhale, open your mouth as wide as possible, keeping the tip of your tongue gently pressed against the back of your bottom teeth. Hold position, inhale and exhale with an audible 'ahhh' sound. This counts as one repetition. Complete a total of two.

4. The 'O'
Banish - Double - Chins

Sit with your back straight and keep your shoulders down. Tilt your head back so that you are looking at the ceiling. Close your lips keeping them together, but relaxed.

Keeping your lips closed, open your mouth so that it forms an 'O' shape. Hold for 20 seconds. Relax your mouth, lower your chin and return to the starting point. That counts as one repetition. Complete two sets of 10 repetitions each.

Pout and Tilt
Banish - Double - Chins

Sit down comfortably. Stick out your lower lip as far as you can to form a pout. (If you place a finger on your chin, you should feel the skin wrinkly and puckered). Hold for 1 second.

With your lower lip still pouted, contract the muscles at the front of your neck, lowering your chin to your chest as far as possible without rounding your upper back. Hold for another second.

Relax your lips and straighten your neck returning to the starting position. This completes one repetition. Repeat for a total of 20 repetitions.


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Photos: Masha D. Trujillo/Demand Media


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