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6 Pressure Points to Treat Heart Problems and Blood Flow

 As we get older and as the years pass, our blood vessels slowly become clogged because of the food we consume, just like the plumbing in your home. However for plumbing, a plumber can be called when a problem arises, but with regard to our bodies’ plumbing, we must contact the doctor immediately to ascertain its severity and its implications in the present and future. If you know you have a particular problem with blood flow or your heart, it is recommended, after consulting your doctor, that you try the following 6 pressure points - they may provide you with the relief your body needs by improving blood flow in the body.


1. To treat arrhythmias - GV11

This helps prevent problems related to arrhythmias, such as bradycardia or tachycardia. In addition, it also improves mood, helps prevent sleep disorders and memory problems, and also treats upper back pain, chest pain, asthma attacks, and coughing.

Pressure points

In order to massage the point, you will need someone else's help since it is below the 11th vertebra of the spine. Ask the person who is helping you to move their fingers along your spine and count the vertebrae from the base of the skull to the 11th vertebrae. Massage the area under this vertebra for a few minutes.

2. High blood pressure - K9

Massaging this point improves the flow of fluids in the body, not only the blood, but also the overall metabolic rate. It also helps prevent the storage of fluids in the body, filter the kidneys, improve memory, and prevent mental confusion.

Pressure points
You’ll find the spot on your inner calf, at a distance of 7 fingers from your ankle. Massage the point for a few minutes.

3. Strong and accelerated pulse - TW15

This point has the power to reduce a strong and accelerated pulse and calm the heart. It also helps to reduce neck pressure and is generally beneficial to lung health.

Pressure points

You’ll find the point between the neck and shoulder, at the base of the neck, slightly towards the back. Massage the point for a minute or two, and make sure you feel pain that is tolerable - so you know that you’ve found the point.

4. Numbness in the legs - GV20

This point is recommended for massage when you feel numbness in your legs. It helps to improve blood flow to these areas, while also preventing headaches, dizziness, and insomnia.Pressure points

 The point can be found in the middle of the top of the head, between your ears - you will feel a small dent in the area, that’s how you know you’ve found it. Massage the point for a few minutes.

5. Numbness in the hands - LU7

If your hands fall asleep frequently or if you experience a tingling sensation that results from poor blood flow, massage this point, and you will also get rid of headaches, coughs, toothaches and weakness or pain in the wrist.

Pressure points

The point is located thumb width away from the wrist, on the lower and outer sides of the forearm. Massage the point on both hands for a few minutes.


6. Improve blood circulation - LV3

To improve blood circulation throughout the body, it is recommended that you massage this point. Besides improving blood flow, it also helps improve vision, prevent nausea, and soothe the body in situations of anger and anxiety.

Pressure points
The point lies between the big toe and forefinger of the leg, slightly toward the center of the leg, in the area where the bones of the toes connect. Massage the point for a few minutes.
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