22 Vintage Pics You Probably Haven't Seen Yet

Photographs serve as portals to history, allowing us to witness life in eras vastly distinct from our own. They reveal stories of sorrow and success, while also showcasing the ongoing transformations shaping our world. We've shared many historical photos with you in the past, yet numerous other photographs capturing crucial or extraordinary moments throughout history remain unseen by many. So, let's take a look at some historical moments, some great some not-so spectacular, that may help us view the world from a different perspective.

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1. Following the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989, a man and a woman hide beneath a bridge

Rare Historical Photographs, Tiananmen Square Massacre

2. A woman stands on Omaha Beach in Normandy, France, in 1947, three years after the Allied forces liberated German-occupied France. Photo By David Seymour.

Rare Historical Photographs, Omaha Beach

3. As President Franklin D. Roosevelt's funeral train departed Warm Springs, Georgia, on April 13, 1945, Chief Petty Officer Graham Jackson, an accordion player, can't control his tears. 

Rare Historical Photographs, Franklin D. Roosevelt's funeral

4. A majestic assembly of totem poles, meticulously crafted by the Haida people in Skidegate, British Columbia, 1878

Rare Historical Photographs, totem poles

5. An infant Colo, the first baby gorilla born in captivity. When Colo died, she was the oldest known gorilla at the time. Colo lived from 1956 to 2017.

Rare Historical Photographs,  baby gorilla

6. Richard Lasher's incredible photo of the 1980 eruption of Mount Saint Helens in Washington State, USA

Rare Historical Photographs, Mount Saint Helens

7. Mrs. Hale, the wife of a British soldier, plays the accordion for a group of American soldiers outside her home in England in 1944.

Rare Historical Photographs, soldiers

8. A man standing on the lap of a statue of Ramesses in Egypt, 1856

Rare Historical Photographs, statue of Ramesses

9. Paris during the La Belle Époque, or “the beautiful era”. Sandwiched between the end of the Franco-Prussian War and the outbreak of World War I, it was the era of growth, invention, and optimism in Europe.

Rare Historical Photographs, Paris

10. The Patrouille Suisse, the Swiss Air Force's acrobatic team, during a loop in front of the Alps, 1967

Rare Historical Photographs, Swiss Air Force

11. Walt Disney explaining Mickey Mouse to a cat in 1931

Rare Historical Photographs, Walt Disney

12. French alpinist Gaston Rébuffat mountain climbing in France, 1944

Rare Historical Photographs,  mountain climbing

13. Emperor Minilik the 2nd of Ethiopia, 1896

Rare Historical Photographs, Emperor Minilik

14. A view over Berlin in 1920

Rare Historical Photographs, Berlin

15. Window cleaners in New York City, 1958

Rare Historical Photographs, Window cleaners

16. Queen Elizabeth during her WWII service

Rare Historical Photographs, Queen Elizabeth

17. A police officer on a Harley-Davidson transports a prisoner in a mobile holding cell, 1921

Rare Historical Photographs, Harley-Davidson

18. A fortunate British soldier grins while proudly displaying his helmet, bearing the marks of battle. (1917)

Rare Historical Photographs, soldier

19. This is one of the pipes that make up the Hoover Dam.

Rare Historical Photographs, Hoover Dam

20. An audacious young girl fearlessly rides an alligator in the 1920s

Rare Historical Photographs,

21. Invented in the nineteenth century, the "Mass Shaving Machine" could shave a dozen men at the same time.

Rare Historical Photographs, Mass Shaving Machine

22. Two German soldiers and their mule wearing gas masks in WWI, 1916.

Rare Historical Photographs, German soldiers
All images source: Izismile and Izismile
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