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Relieve Your Stress With This Easy 5 Minute Meditation

 Meditation is used by people across the world for its wonderful benefits for the mind, body and soul. However, many of us never give it a go because we think it involves complex learning, special skills and even a level of meaning that we don't really understand. In reality, the only equipment you need in order to meditate is yourself, and you do not need any special training. Here is a five minute, stress relieving meditation that anybody can perform easily.

How It Works

Meditation comes in many different forms, but this guide covers a practice that is designed to allow you to re-connect with yourself emotionally and mentally. Meditative practices like this are specifically intended to promote relaxation, calm and stress relief, and provide you with peace of mind. You only need five minutes to run through the entire process, so it's possible to perform the routine in the middle of a hectic day when you are feeling worn down, anxious or overworked.

Meditation can help you shake off your woes and continue with your day in a much better frame of mind.

Step 1 - Set a Timer
You will not relax properly if you are constantly thinking about the time that has elapsed since you started the process, so use a timer. You can set the timer on your phone, computer or wrist watch to ensure you can concentrate on the meditation. If you are an iPhone user, you can download the Healing Music app and use that as a timer instead.

Ideally you will set the timer for five minutes, but if you are pushed for time, you can set it for a shorter period.
Step 2 - Seat Yourself in a Comfortable Position
If you think of meditation, you probably think of people sitting cross-legged on the floor. While that is an effective position in which to meditate, it is not a necessity. When picking a sitting position, it is best to simply ensure that you are comfortable. An awkward position will distract you.

You should sit or lie down, rather than stand to replenish your energy supplies, but you can use a chair if you like. Just try to keep your feet in contact with the ground.
Step 3 - Close Your Eyes and Focus on Breathing
Start your timer, and then close your eyes. Gently focus your attention on your breathing. Don't try to change your breathing pattern or do anything unusual, sustain a normal breathing pattern. Focus on how your breath feels right now, and if you can find a way to breathe naturally but deeply it will help.
Step 4 - Hold Your Attention
Your mind is the biggest barrier to successful meditation, but remember that you are trying to clear it. Thoughts will drift in to your head, but as they do so, gently acknowledge them but let them drift away. Continue to focus on your breathing patterns as the thoughts try to dominate your mind. Focusing your brain on your breath will ensure that your mind stays in the present.

Concentrate on each inhale and exhale until your timer sounds the end of your meditation.
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