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Take a Few Minutes to Achieve True Calm...

You'll be surprised how a few minutes of true peace and quiet a day can do for your mental well being. Not everyone knows it, but we all need a little time a day when our mind can find peace. Sleep, unfortuantely, gives it little rest, as studies show it's just as busy during that time, as we are relearning, strenghtening memories and of course - dreaming.

This wonderful website will guide you, in just a few minutes, into a state of utter calm, while playing pleasant music and allowing you to choose between relaxing and pleasing visuals. I highly recommend using earphones for this and not speakers, as well as sitting in a comfy chair.


To the left, you can choose the length of the guided calm (first icon on top), or just play the pleasant music (second icon).

To the right at the bottom, you can change visuals by clicking on the left/right arrows as well as change music and control the volume. You can also choose if you'd like the picture to move or just have the music. Now put on your headphones, follow the audio instructions and find some peace of mind for a bit.

Click Here or on the photo to begin.

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