13 Historic B&W Photos Restored In Color

When we come across an old black-and-white photograph, it often makes us wonder, "What would it look like if it were completely colorized?" Since we live and remember objects and places in color, it's difficult for us to imagine the world we are seeing in black-and-white photographs. That is not to say that those old photos don’t appear interesting; black-and-white photos have a charm of their own. However, adding color to them infuses them with new life. 

Here, we have presented some really cool black-and-white photos that have been restored in color. Take a trip back in time with these colorized historic pictures!

1. A horse wrangler watching horses in Bonham, Texas, in June 1910.

Colorized Historic Pics, horse wrangler

2. Kaiser Wilhelm II of the German Empire, Silesia, 1913.

Colorized Historic Pics, Kaiser Wilhelm II

3. Bar patrons outside of the bar called “The Squirrel” in Sweden, Stockholm, Götgatan, 1895.

Colorized Historic Pics, Bar patrons

4. The men of the 61st Infantry Regiment in a trench near the village of Shemenski, 28 April 1942. The Finnish 61st Infantry Regiment was a combat regiment of the 17th division of the Finnish Army during the Second World War.

Colorized Historic Pics,Infantry Regiment

5. Soldiers during World War I releasing a group of carrier pigeons. These pigeons were used for their homing ability to deliver messages from the front line. 

Colorized Historic Pics, carrier pigeons.

6. A US Marine shares a light moment with a scouting dog while he lies in a foxhole in Guam, in August 1944.

Colorized Historic Pics, scouting dog , soldier
Photo by huey.colors

7. US Army Soldiers (the 325th Glider Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division), photographed walking through the fog to a new position, in Ardennes, Belgium, on the 20th of December 1944.

Colorized Historic Pics, Soldiers of the US Army

8. A man taking a photograph of people on the beach of Atlantic City, New Jersey, in 1912.

Colorized Historic Pics, people on the beach

9. A famous photograph by the American photojournalist Dorothea Lange depicts “Mother and baby of the family on the road.” Taken in Tulelake, Siskiyou County, California, in September 1939.

Colorized Historic Pics,

10. Coney Island (in New York City), the Bowery, 1903.

Colorized Historic Pics, Coney Island

11. Det. Lt. Robert Underwood fires into the home in which the suspect George Farley had taken cover (East 22nd Street, California, Los Angeles, 17 February 1938). The incident started with George Farley shooting and killing Deputy Marshal T. Dwight Crittenden and his helper Leon W. Romer when they tried to serve an eviction notice.

Colorized Historic Pics, shooting

12. A group photograph of Japanese officers taken by Felice Beato, Japan, 1866/67.

Colorized Historic Pics, Japanese officers

13. New volunteers to Panzergrenadier Division Großdeutschland getting outfitted, January 1944. Formed in 1921, it originally served as a ceremonial guard unit. In 1942, it was expanded and renamed "Infantry Division Großdeutschland," a regiment of the combined Wehrmacht Nazi armed forces.

Colorized Historic Pics, ceremonial guard unit
Source of all images: Acid Cow
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