24 Stunning Vintage Photos of Everyday Life

Many things have changed over the past century and a half. Technology, fashion, and architecture have all transformed tremendously. And we often fail to realize just how different everyday life used to be such a short time ago. For instance, did you know that people used to pick hops on stilts, or that there were entire buses used to collect messenger pigeons? Witness these forgotten details from the world of the past in these 24 historical photos. 

"Hop pickers on stilts in Faversham, England (1920)"

Historical Photos "Hop Pickers On Stilts In Faversham England 1920"

"Loti-Kee-Yah-Tede, the chief’s daughter, Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico."

Historical Photos "Loti-Kee-Yah-Tede-The Chief’s Daughter Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico."

"Three cowgirls (Clyde Lindsay, Mildred Douglas and Ruby Dickey) at the Miles City round-up, Montana (1917)"

Historical Photos "1917 In Miles City, Montana, Here Are Three Cowgirls At The Miles City Round-Up. They Are Clyde Lindsay, Mildred Douglas And Ruby Dickey"

"A French woman with a baguette and six bottles of wine in Paris, France (1945)"

Historical Photos "A French Woman With Her Baguette And Six Bottles Of Wine, Paris, France, 1945"

"A Fijian man - Republic of the Fiji Islands (1880)"

Historical Photos "1880 Fijian Man (Republic Of The Fiji Islands)"

"Portrait of a woman by James Van Der Zee (1932)"

Historical Photos "Portrait Of A Woman 1932 By James Van Der Zee"

"Another fashionable day at Longchamp, France (1911)"

Historical Photos "Another Fashionable Day At Longchamp, France 1911"

"5-year-old Anne Frank"

Historical Photos "5 Year Old Anne Frank"

"Sits Down Spotted - Crow Nation, Fort Keogh, Montana (1881)"

Historical Photos ""Sits Down Spotted"- Crow Nation, Fort Keogh, Montana, 1881"

"A “Pigeon Bus” from World War I that was used for collecting messenger pigeons from the front"

Historical Photos "A “Pigeon Bus” From Wwi, Served As Collecting Point For Messenger Pigeons From The Front Lines"

"Rural mail carrier in a winter uniform in Sweden (1900)"

Historical Photos "Rural Mail Carrier In A Winter Uniform, 1900, Sweden"

"A beautiful bride (circa 1930)"

Historical Photos "Beautiful Bride C1930s"

"US Union Soldier Cathy Williams, who had to pose as a male to be enlisted. Cathy was in the 38th regiment of the infantry division (1862)"

Historical Photos "1862 Us Union Soldier Cathy Williams. She Had To Pose As A Male To Be Enlisted..she Was Part Of The 38 Regiment,infantry Division And Was Called A Buffalo Soldier"

"Daughter of a Cornwall copper miner, free Australian immigrant, resident of far North Queensland, mother of three, laundress. All this in 55 years of life"

Historical Photos ""Daughter Of A Cornwall Copper Miner, 5x Bride, Free Australian Immigrant, Resident Of Far North Queensland, Mother Of 3, Laundress Worker, And Short-Term Resident Of New Zealand's North Island. All This In 55 Years Of Life"

"Navajo woman weaving a blanket in Santa Fe, New Mexico (1900)"

Historical Photos "Navajo Woman Weaving Blanket, Santa Fe, New Mexico Photographer: Christian G. Kaad 1900"

"Settler family (circa 1880)"

Historical Photos "Settler Family, 1880s"

"Protesting the high school dress code that banned pants for girls, Brooklyn (circa 1940)"

Historical Photos "Protesting The High School Dress Code That Banned Slacks For Girls, Brooklyn C.1940"

"Portrait of a Wasco Indian man with a decorated Face, feather, and bead ornaments (1903)"

Historical Photos "Portrait Of Wasco Indian With Decorated Face, Feather And Bead Ornaments. - Wilder - 1903"

''Graduation Day (1939)"

Historical Photos ''Graduation Day 1939"

"Learning to ride a bicycle (circa 1895)"

Historical Photos "Learning To Ride A Bicycle, Circa 1895."

"Portrait of Inuit Girl, Nancy, Columbia (1904)"

Historical Photos "Portrait Of Inuit Girl, Nancy Columbia - By Gerhard Sisters - 1904"

"Street lunch vendor in Washington, DC (1919)"

Historical Photos "Washington, D.c., In 1919. Street Lunch Vendor"

"Ladies having tea in the Scottish Highlands (circa 1910)"

Historical Photos "Ladies Having Tea In The Scottish Highlands, Circa 1910"

"Three members of the Payro family being “photographed” by their cat: Edmund, Ernest, and Cecilia (1909)"

Historical Photos "This Photograph Was Taken In November 1909. It Shows Three Members Of The Payro Family Being “Photographed” By Their Cat: Edmund, Age 12, Ernest, Age 8, And Cecilia, Age 5"
Source of all images: Acidcow
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