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The Trained Frog

A woman storms into a pet shop demanding her money back from the owner. “You sold me this frog and told me it would be able to satisfy all my sexual desires!” 
The clerk tries to calm her down and asks, “Did you do what I told you to do?” 

“Yes, dammit! I got naked, lay back on my bed, and put him between my legs just like you said, and he did nothing!” she shouts. 

The owner, looking confused, replies, “It’s a perfectly trained frog. I can’t understand what’s wrong.” 

He takes the woman and the frog to a back room in the shop, where he places the frog on a small table next to a bed and asks the woman to please lie down and remove her panties. 

“What?” she shouts. 

Turning to the frog, he says, “Now watch carefully, because this is the last time I’m showing you this!
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