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18 Hilarious Photos That'll Make You Laugh

 Sit down, grab some popcorn and take a look at the most intriguing plots the internet has to offer. You will see betrayal in all its forms, deceived expectations, personal drama and other emotional moments that Hollywood movies can't compete with. Take a look at these hilarious photos.
1. Not who I was expecting...
2. A normal day... just like any other.
3. The alpacalypse.
4. Those eyes say it all.
5. When your significant other seeks their revenge.
6. I know everything.
7. Slapped in the face.
8. This is going to be one hell of a fight.
9. Not all Japanese people love anime.
10. When you're cleaning out the attic... the last thing you'd expect.
11. When the roads are made of liquid.
12. When you're a fairy but no one is allowed to hurt you.
13. This little pooch deserves an Oscar.
14. He's going to be disappointed.
15. The president of Finland offering the First Lady a cucumber.
16. Don't talk about family drama. 
17. When two cats are plotting the attack...
18. What kind of party is this?
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