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17 Dogs and Their Hilarious Phobias

 Just like us, every dog comes with their own characters and quirks. Sometimes, as you’re about to see, these quirks are some kind of hilarious phobia. Vacuums and thunder usually top the list, but there are many other things that dogs can be afraid of, and we’re about to show you some. These 17 photos are bound to make you laugh.
1. When You're Being Attacked by 4 Terrifying Kittens 
2. OMG! Thunder!
3. If I Stand Perfectly Still, Maybe It Won't Notice Me...
4. I'm Too Young To Die!
5. Another Year Older...
6. Get It Away From Me! Get It Away!
7. What Are Those Abominations?
8. Do I Look Like a Vegetarian to You? Get Me Some Proper Food.
9. Escaping the Incoming Tidal Wave 
10. When You Just So Happen to be Afraid of Bowls...
11. It's Getting Closer! What Do I Do? 
12. I'm Not sure I Like My Home anymore...
13. I Thought Dragons Didn't Exist...
14. I'd Prefer to Stay in Here, Thank You!


15. Get It Away! Get It Away!
16. Why didn't You Get Me a Puppy? 
17. Can I Come Out Now? I Promise I'll Be Good!

Source: boredpanda 

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