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It Takes 2 Minutes to Make Your Own Spare Key

 There is arguably nothing more bothersome than getting locked out of your house, especially when it's getting dark and chilly outside. However, before you call in backup or try to make your way through the first floor window, this brilliant tip brought to you by instructables will teach you how to make a DIY emergency key using just a few simple materials. You can also make more copies of your key in case you need them - keeping them in your wallet, phone case or car, ensuring that you never get locked out again.

It may sound implausible to make a DIY spare key, but this key is not made with metal. It's made from plastic, using common plastic materials.

Here's what you'll need:
• Tic-Tac container
• Unused gift cards or expired credit cards
• Clear tape
• Lighter or a candle
• Your key

Your key is required to make the proper mold out of your plastic materials. 
Step 1: Gather your materials
emergency DIY key
Look around for Tic-Tac boxes and in old wallets for expired cards. Once you've collected your essentials, you need clear tape, a lighter or a candle and your original house key. 
Step 2: Smoke the key
emergency DIY key
Place your key over the flame of a lighter or candle. Smoke will accumulate on the surface of the key, causing it to (temporarily) blacken. Once black, put it aside and let it cool down for a couple of minutes. 
Step 3: Make a trace of the key
emergency DIY key
Use clear tape and stick it on the smoky side of the key. This will create a clear print of the key.
Step 4: Stick tape on the card and cut it
emergency DIY key
Using a pair of scissors, cut out the outline exactly. Take all the time you need to do so as accurately as possible. Ensure that your cut out version matches the original. You may also create a similar spare key with a tic-tac box using the methods described above.
Step 5: Test your key
emergency DIY key
Once you have made your keys test them out, to be sure that they work. 
Note: Each key will only last about 10 uses, due to the fact that it's made from plastic and can wear away. 
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