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10 Ways to Clean Your Computer and Devices

 How many different devices are used in your household? Chances are there are quite a few. Yet most of us aren’t really sure how we are meant to clean these pricey items without damaging them irreparably. So, whether you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or MP3 player, you’ll want to know how you can safely maintain their lifespan with these 10 recommended device cleaning tips: 
1. Dust computer speakers with a clothes roller 
It’s almost as if the roller was designed for this! Just roll it over the speaker’s surface to collect all the visible dust. This will keep the sound crystal clear.
2. Clean earphones with a toothbrush
Don’t be tempted to poke inside the clogged sound holes with a toothpick. It’s much better if you use a toothbrush (a spare one). Place a sheet of paper or towel on a table and hold the earphone facing downwards and give it a gentle brushing.
3. Clean dirty cables with an eraser
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The reason why you should avoid using spirit-based fluids to wipe your various cables clean is that they can cause stickiness and malfunction. An eraser will not bring such problems, but does a surprisingly good job of cleaning cables.
4. Clean headphone jacks with an interdental brush
Turn off the power and slide the interdental brush gently into the headphone socket (for which it appears to be perfectly made) and rotate it. This is a great method for keeping the often-exposed socket free of harmful dust and filth.
5. Clean keyboard with sticky tape
Keyboards do get incredibly dusty and grimy, all of which can be removed with this simple tip. All you need is a roll of sticky tape. Affix a strip to the keyboard and gently pull it off. Repeat all over the keyboard.
6. Clean device screens with microfiber cloth
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Although some have claimed that ordinary paper is good for cleaning glass, you should not use anything but a microfiber cloth on your plastic or liquid-crystalline device screen. On these screens (but not on glass) paper can actually cause scratches, so you should always use an appropriate cloth. 

On glass screens, you can make circular motions using ordinary paper that may actually remove scratches, however.
7. Dust computer monitor with a coffee filter
Coffee filters are made from a material which doesn't cause scratches on your computer screen, making these an ideal cleaning tool.
8. A homemade brush to clean USB ports 
To make your own homemade brush, you'll need:
•    A stiff piece of plastic
•    Superglue
•    Some synthetic material to be used for cleaning (e.g. the soft part of a Velcro strip)
After you stick the synthetic material to the plastic, check that it’s less than the width of a USB port. Smoothen out the tool to make sure no lumps of glue are making the brush uneven. Wait for the glue to dry before using it to clean the ports. Clean very carefully.
9. Use polish to remove phone screen scratches
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Image courtesy of depositphotos.com
Polish can be used to smoothen out and remove scratches that are marring the screen. First, turn off the device and carefully cover the buttons, ports and apertures with tape. Using just a little polish, rub it gently into the screen. Use a soft cloth to clean, rubbing in a circular motion.
10. Clean between the phone’s buttons with a toothbrush
You can do a lot for your phone simply by giving it a good, but careful, once over with a spare toothbrush. Use smooth strokes to rid the phone of dirt under the back cover and between the buttons. You can also do the same for the SIM card slot on the inside of your phone.

H/T: Brightside.me
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