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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

 The best way to raise awareness about wild animal conservation, according to the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, is to show to the world just how funny and full of character these wonderful creatures truly are. I couldn't agree more with this, and this contest to find the most charming and hilarious picture is such a wonderful idea that I had to share with you this selection of 24 of the best from this year's competition. I don't know which will be the winner, but there are some real crackers here:
Sure I left my keys down here somewhere...
You put your left foot in, your left foot out...
Didn't I see some daisies around here?
I had too much to drink last night. What did I do?!
We've all had days like this.
You didn't want this corn, did you?
Ah, I'll just have my morning coffee and then...back to bed.
Every breath you take...I'll be watching you.
And he said Lion King was a better movie than Jungle Book! No really, he did!
Let's see about this frog/Prince Charming thing.
Tickle time!
Oh great. An unexpected bill.
We put our heads together. Have you seen them?
They'll never see me coming.
This one's got your name on it.
What, these things? Oh, it's just a hobby, y'know.
Oh, I knew I forgot something. Joey!
The Osmonds sang it best: Crazy Horses!
And then the world will be all mine!
A horse, a donkey, a mule and an okapi walked into a bar...
Reservoir Ducks.
There's a fine line between comedy and tragedy.
They make kissing look much easier in the movies!
That's the last lemon I eat whole again!
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