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17 Surprising Ways to Use Your Kitchen Utensils

 Stop and ask yourself how many kitchen utensils you have. Odds are you have a lot. Most people have more than a dozen, but they really only use them for one separate use each. They have a toaster for toasting toast, a coffee maker for making coffee, and so on. This fantastic list, though, can show you how you can get the best from your underused kitchen utensils, with 17 surprising ways they can be used for other purposes you had never even dreamed of. 


Here are 17 very unexpected uses for your kitchen utensils!

1. Immersion blender
An immersion blender is a high-powered hand blender that we can use to make pureed food, sauces, smoothies, mayonnaise and things of this kind. But did you also know that you can blend up cream to make the thickest and most luxurious of all whipped creams? 
2. Waffle iron
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Though it’s called a waffle iron and primarily bought by people to make morning waffles, the truth is that there are dozens of things you can make with this useful machine. Some of my favorites include brownies, cookies, quesadillas, hash browns, cinnamon rolls and cakes. 
3. French press
kitchen utensils, tips
I’m sure that most people reserve their French press for making a nice cup of coffee, little realizing the utensil is also perfect for brewing (much healthier) cups of loose-leaf tea. The strainer is just as adept at separating tea leaves as it is at separating coffee granules from your desired drink.
4. Toaster oven
This is another machine that has been typecast by its name. Just take a closer look and you’ll see the number of different uses your oven is suited for. This little oven is just as good at baking and broiling as it is at toasting. One neat little tip you could try is roasting nuts. Just think of that delightful smell!
5. Dishwasher
kitchen utensils, tips
If you are like me, you probably get a good deal of use from your dishwasher already. So, before your dishwasher runs through its cycle, pop in some asparagus or pears in a tightly sealed container. Yes, your dishwasher will actually cook them! Is there anything else you can think of that your dishwasher can cook for you at a suitably low temperature?
6. Turkey baster
If you only use your turkey baster once or twice a year, you’ll rejoice at finding this tip. Why not use a baster when pouring your pancake mix into the pan? That way you’ll save on any annoying spillages, and you’ll be able to make them perfectly round.
7. Pizza cutter
kitchen utensils, tips
Most of us don’t actually get our pizzas from our own oven, preferring the neighboring takeaways and pizzerias. So, you should probably give your pizza cutter some much needed exercise. Did you know it makes a great knife for cutting and slicing up herbs, such as basil and coriander?
8. Keurigs
Your Keurig is designed to help brew your morning coffee, one cup at a time. But did you ever stop think you could use the same machine to help you make a nice pot of noodles? And it doesn’t stop there. Just think of all the things that need hot water added to them. This will make preparing porridge, tea and ramen easier than ever before.
9. Slow cooker
Of course there are innumerable ways to use your slow cooker that you probably already know, such as for making bread, cakes, wings or others. Yet you can also use it to infuse your house with your favorite aromas. Just fill it with warm water and let it simmer the best smelling ingredients you have available, such as lemon peel or cinnamon. Don’t neglect the pleasure your nose deserves to enjoy!
10. Muffin tin
kitchen utensils, tips
Why do we continue to call it a muffin tin when there are so many varied things you can use this for? Some things I like to put into the tray are ready-to-eat-breakfasts, pizza bites, tacos and corn dogs. But that’s just me - you probably have much better ideas.
11. Kitchen aid
kitchen utensils, tips
This is a popular brand of mixer, which is frequently used to mix dough for our baking experiments. However, have you ever thought of using it for making your own home-made butter? It's actually the perfect tool for mixing up a batch of the best butter. Amazing!
12. Salad spinner
Thinking of the amount of washing-up facing me, I regularly decide not to use the salad spinner to help toss my salad. So, often it sits unused in its drawer. Here, however, is one use you may not have considered before. The spinner is perfectly designed for washing and cleaning our 'delicates'. Start with a brassiere and move on from there. It may sound mad, but so do a lot of the best ideas.
13. Egg slicer
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Egg slicers seem like a good idea when you buy them, but because you hardly use them, their presence in your kitchen shames you somewhat. If this all sounds familiar, you’ll really appreciate this tip. Use an egg slicer to chop garlic. That way you’ll take the labor out of a quite difficult job, and give your underused utensil a renewed purpose.
14. Food processor
kitchen utensils, tips
Food processors are also criminally underused by many of us. But when you think of it there are thousands upon thousands of different things you can make with a good processor. Why, just last month I remember using it to blitz ice cream, homemade peanut butter and pesto.
15. Ice cube trays
Why, oh why do we only ever add water to our ice-trays? There are many things that can be frozen for your future pleasure. Some examples include, smoothies, coffee, sauces, and even baby food.
16. Rice cooker
kitchen utensils, tips
Rice cookers may have been built in order to perform one special function very well, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be put to work on dozens of other top food projects. A rice cooker is almost as skilled when it comes to making omelets, bacon, bread, pancakes and hummus as it is at rice.
17. Coffee maker
When you think about it, it’s quite silly that we have such a useful tool that we don’t make the most of. Coffee makers can be used to boil and simmer anything from eggs to vegetables. Why let this opportunity go to waste?
H/T: tiphero.com
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