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This Weird Hack Will Keep Your Cookies Fresh for Days

 What greater gift is there than a fresh, warm batch of homemade cookies? The only drawback of gifting someone a batch of cookies is that they tend to dry out pretty quickly. You want your cookies to taste like they've just come out the oven even when you are shipping them cross-country. So how can you retain that fresh and moist feel?
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There's one weird trick that you need to keep in mind, and it's certainly unlike anything you would expect. Nevertheless, as weird as it is, it will keep your cookies fresh for days at a time. 

So, what's the tip? Use tortillas in your package of cookies.
While cookies and tortillas do not seem like a match, particularly for shipping purposes, the moisture in the tortillas (when in confined space - like a cookie tin) will fill the air, keeping your homemade cookies incredibly fresh. It will also retain their great taste. 
cookies fresh
How to go about it:

1. Use a cookie tin for your packaging, then take a stack of parchment or wax paper and trace the diameter of the cookie tin on the stack of sheets using a pen or marker.

2. Cut the circle out of the parchment paper so that you are left with two or three parchment circles. Cut as many as you need depending on how many cookies you made. 

3. Using parchment paper will also help keep the tortillas in the tin for their moisture, without touching the cookies. 

4. Next, you’ll stack everything in the cookie tin. Start with a layer of parchment paper, then with a tortilla, then with another parchment circle.

5. Finish the layer by stacking as many cookies as you can on top. Repeat if you have a larger batch.

See how it's done in the video below:
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