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6 Sugary Condiments You Need to Cut Out of Your Diet

 Like most people I know, I pretty much grew up on French fries with my favorite dipping sauces – god knows how many bottles of the stuff I’ve been through. Although I always knew it was a bit unhealthy, I was still taken aback when I discovered how dangerous most store condiments are for our health. I just had to share this important information with you, because I know how popular these risky items still are. Here are 6 of the worst condiments out there, with plenty of suggestions for healthier alternatives.
1. Tomato ketchup
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Ketchup is the undisputed champion of condiments, but is it any good for you? The sad answer is: ‘no’. Most of us don’t dole out a single tablespoon of ketchup onto our chips or fries - it’s much more like two (or more!). Unfortunately, an amount like this contains 8g of sugar. And it’s not proper table sugar, but the cheaper and less healthy fructose corn syrup that’s generally used.

For a healthier alternative why not try organic syrup made with real sugar? Furthermore, it would be even better to forget all about ketchup. Have you ever considered buying sun-dried tomatoes? They make a wonderful, healthy and refreshing alternative.

2. Barbecue sauce
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Typical store-bought barbecue sauce probably contains even more harmful fructose corn syrup than ketchup, at around 12 g per serving. Yet the situation here is even worse because of the potentially carcinogenic artificial coloring frequently used to give the sauce a lovely mahogany hue. 

Instead, try your hand at some home-made sauces, or go for a barbecue sauce which comes from a ‘small-batch producer’ that’s probably free of additives.

3. ‘Light’ salad dressing
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The problem with opting for lighter dressings in order to reduce your fat intake is that these ‘light’ options make up for a lack of fat with an increase in sugar. This may make them taste more palatable, but what about your health? You always need to be aware of how much sugar you are consuming, but we usually don’t realize when it comes to items like this.

The truth is that you needn’t worry about proper Mediterranean-style olive oil and vinegar. The fat is actually needed for your body to absorb the essential vitamins waiting for you in your salad.

4. Store-bought Mayonnaise
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A 2 tablespoon serving of conventional mayonnaise contains a whopping 200 calories. But this is not the reason why you should skip the condiment. Most of the mayo on the market uses soybean oil derived from GM soybeans that may potentially increase the risks of suffering from diabetes or becoming obese.

Instead, why not purchase, or make, mayonnaise made with canola or avocado oil? Alternatively, I suggest you start using hummus or mashed avocado. 
5. Honey mustard

Unfortunately, most of the honey mustard on the market today is nothing of the kind. Loaded with sugary fructose corn syrup, there is often not much in the way of honey contained here.  So, although it’s low in fat, the sugar levels make this moreish sauce far too dangerous for you to be buying.

The best thing to do instead would be to make your own. It’s really very easy. Just mix some honey with mustard and there you have it!

6. Tartar sauce
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Tartar sauce is generally eaten with greasy, fried seafood, which you need to be wary of anyway. Plus, this sauce suffers from the same soybean-oil related health problems of mayonnaise, since mayonnaise is the main ingredient of tartar. 

To make your own tartar simple mix some crushed pickles with your canola/avocado oil-based mayonnaise.

H/T: prevention.com

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