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20 Hilarious Home Delivery Fails

 We all love doing a bit of online shopping. We can order virtually anything we want and have it delivered straight to our home. We can also send gifts to people all around the world too, but the system isn't perfect. From time to time, many people experience strange deliveries. Have a look at this brilliantly-bonkers collection of 20 times when the home delivery system failed to live up to its billing:  
1. The customer is always right.
2. Easy to do, hard to undo.
3. Many delivery men are worried we might get robbed, so....
4. This box is safe from the rain.
5. Someone's played a lot of hide and seek.
6. No one will see that.
7. Oh my! What goes on in the back of those UPS vans???
8. Delivery instructions. They're a good idea.
9. Good manners are always well rewarded.
10. Delivery men see delivery like we see a jigsaw puzzle.
11. Has this happened to you too?
12. This delivery man must have had a gnome phobia.
13. Damaged? That's an understatement.
14. Is this some kind of threat?
15. Treating your packages with care and respect.
16. Why did you not deliver this package?
17. They're not magicians, but the postal service will do the minimum required.
18. They delivered a package that changed from 3lbs to 0lbs.
19. Chucking over the fence is a novel way of delivering.
20. Next time let's go to the book store ourselves.
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