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2016 Olympics' Highlights

 The modern Olympic games are the premier sporting showcase of all the world's fastest, strongest and healthiest people from every country. This year's contest in Brazil is shaping up to be a whopper of an event. Spread out over two and half weeks, each day is packed with amazing feats of human endeavor and achievement. Check out the latest highlights by scrolling to the most recent day.


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Day 1 - August 6th 2016

Day 2 - August 7th 2016

Day 3 - August 8th 2016


Day 4 - August 9th 2016


Day 5 - August 10th 2016

Day 6 - August 11th 2016

Day 7 - August 12th 2016

Day 8 - August 13th 2016

Day 9 - August 14th 2016

Day 10 August 15th 2016

Day 11 August 16th 2016

Day 12 August 17th 2016

Day 13 August 18th 2016

Day 14 August 19th 2016

Day 15 August 20th 2016

Day 16 August 21st 2016

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