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Here's An Easy Solution to Revamping Old Tiles

There was a time when the occasional tiled wall was the height of home decor. Yet, while they were quite the hit back then, overtime, old tiles can look grim and unappealing. One of your options will be to have them removed. But this all depends on your budget, abilities and the materials that were originally used to install the tiles. Consequently, you may end up causing more damage, and as a result you'll end up by having to fork out more money too.


So, what other option do you have? This surprising but simple answer is all you need to spruce up your outdated tiles: paint over them! To ensure that your tiles will last though, you need to use the right paints and the right technique to give them that fresh, clean and unobtrusive look.

This video below, from the Ultimate Handyman, will explain the step-by-step procedure:

What you need:

• Methylated Spirit
• Zinsser 123 plus
• Zinsser Perma-White


1. Wipe down your tiles thoroughly with methylated spirit and a clean rag - this will clean the tiles well.

2. For a tough and durable finish, use top quality paints.

3. Using the correct products is vital in getting the right finish and look. First, coat the tiles with Zinsser 123 plus using a gloss roller.

4. Once this coat of paint has dried, a top coat will be applied. Opt for a durable paint such as the Zinsser Perma-White. This is also an anti-mold paint. As an added advantage, this paint can also be cleaned. Apply two coats of the Perma-White paint.   


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