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14 Smart Car Hacks

Where would most of us be without our cars? They have taken us on so many journeys, and provided us with a great deal of comfort and ease in getting around. While we may be grateful for our trusty cars, there are some smart hacks that we can use to make our experience in them all the better.


1. Use toothpaste to shine your headlights

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Toothpaste has many nifty uses, and one such use lies in its effectiveness in shining headlights. All you need to do is buff the headlight with toothpaste by smearing some on a soft cloth. This fantastic trick only takes a couple of minutes, and will leave your headlights sparkling like they were new.


2. Use a rubber band to hold your phone up

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This makeshift phone holder will keep your phone in place while you are driving, and it's especially useful if you are using it as a sat nav. All you need to do is thread a rubber band through your A/C vent.


3. Use nail polish to paint over cracks in your wind shield

Clear nail polish is a great way to slow the cracking of your wind shield while you're taking it to the repair shop. Just paint over the crack on both sides of the glass.


4. The gas gauge will help you figure out which side to fill your gas

car hacks

If you're driving a new car or a rental, there's usually an arrow on the gas gauge pointing to the side of the car the gas tank is on.


5. Hang a shoe organizer at the back of your seat

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This is a great way to store things that may come in handy as you travel by car, especially, when on a road trip. It is the perfect tool to store things to keep children entertained with maps, pens etc.


6. Use a plunger to get rid of dents

If you notice a small-to-medium-sized dent in your car, you can use a plunger to get it out. As a rule of thumb, bear in mind that dents larger than a plunger or complex damage won't work with this effective hack. For more details, this link illustrates how it's done.


7. Give your car extra shine with conditioner

You may be surprised to discover that waxing your car with hair conditioner will give it an extra shine and will also prevent water streaks from forming.


8. Use coffee filters to clean the interior of your car

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A coffee filter, tends to be a better alternative to dryer sheets when cleaning the interior of your car. While dryer sheets are often recommended to do the job, they tend to contain a lot of chemicals.


9. Use a vinegar-water mix to melt ice on your car

Come the snow and freezing temperatures, instead of scraping the ice off your car, spray it with a 2/3 vinegar and 1/3 water mixture to melt the ice.


10. Use a hand sanitizer to de-ice a frozen lock

When trying to get at a frozen car lock, use hand sanitizer on your key. The alcohol will help melt the ice.


11. Use a cereal container as a trash can

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Instead of piling up rubbish underneath your seats, a cereal container can be turned into a trash can for your car.

12. Store your coins in a pill bottle

car hacks

Instead of having all your coins running around, a pill bottle upcycled into a container is great to store your quarters in.


13. Use a staple remover to open a key ring

car hacks

Removing or adding a key to your key ring can be quite bothersome at times. Speed up the process by using a staple remover.


14. Use a shoelace to help you unlock a car door


If you've locked your car keys inside, this YouTube video will show you how you could use a shoelace to help you get back in.




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