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Mixed Reality Is the Way We Will Experience Space Soon

Just a few years have passed since we began to realize the impact of cell phones on our lives. They make life easier and more satisfying in limitless ways. But technology is only just getting started. The truly big step will come when we are all plugged-in users and experiencers of Mixed Reality. Mixed reality allows us to see three dimensional virtual representations within the actual world we are surrounded by. 


Image from ICEreality's Mixed Reality presentation - the beams are not really there.

Put on your headset and it will scan your environment. After that you can command your computer to represent any data you have loaded, such as a new kitchen unit, and a timber frame house (pictured). You will feel as though the objects are really there in front of you.


This technology will do wonders for interior design. Imagine you have an empty space and are wondering what would be the best arrangement of furniture and units. The computer will layer virtual images over the real room you are in, and you will be able to change these 3-D images with a simple instruction or mouse click. This will save you moving large items all over the place, tiring yourself out and settling for whatever you are left with at the end of the day. 

All manner of designers will find their options and time increased by using ICEreality. Architects will make great use of this technology, as you can imagine. Medical students could also run through their training, as could drivers, pilots and military personnel (not to mention the uses all those video gamers will find from this technology too)... the list just goes on and on. 

Watch this following video presentation, which announces that mixed reality technology is well on its way – I for one can’t wait!

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