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10 Things You Can Cut In Half and Thereby Save Money

We have all found ourselves in difficult financial circumstances at certain points in our lives, haven't we? It turns out that one great way to help make ends meet during these times is to cut the amount of things we consume or use, in half. Not only will doing so reduce your overall expenditure – it also means that the amount of waste is also reduced. Here are 10 ideas for things you can cut in half to save money, and will still work as well:


1. Sponges

Cut sponges in half when they’re dry, using only half at a time. You really won’t miss the other half as much as you might imagine.


2. Dryer Sheets

Cut the amount of dryer sheets in half if you’re still using them. Try drying your clothes without them. You will find that you don’t need them at all.


3. Dishwasher Detergent

Use half the recommended amount of dishwasher detergent (one tablespoon) in your dishwasher’s detergent compartment. 


4. Hand/Dish Soap

Try filling any hand or dish soap dispenser you have at home only halfway, and the rest with water. Squirt the same amount of soap as you would have previously, and by doing so, you’ll only be using half as much!


5. Laundry Soap

Try this one after you’ve given your laundry machine’s instructions a second glance. If it allows for it, try using half the suggested amount of laundry soap.


6. Paper Towels and Napkins

Watch the amount of paper towels and napkins you're using, as we tend to throw these away without even using them properly. To avoid this waste, get rid of them completely and replace them with fabric napkins that you can wash and reuse.


7. Shampoo, Conditioner and Toothpaste

Use the smallest amount of these items as possible. A smear of toothpaste on your toothbrush or a nickel-sized dollop of hair product will be enough to serve their purpose. In fact, it could be fun challenging yourself to see how little you can use. Toothpaste commercials always show people using an exaggerated amount to get you to spend more money.


8. Sugar

Try cutting the amount of sugar you use in cooking and baking in half. You’ll be surprised to notice that there will be a minimal difference in taste to what you’re used to. There are some instances, such as when making tomato sauce, where you’ll be able to cut out the use of sugar completely. Not only is doing this better for your wallet – it’s better for your health too.


9. Portions

Many people in the developed world could do with eating smaller portions. Try halving the size of your meals and you'll be saving money as well as benefiting from a far lower calorie intake. If you have kids, they don’t need to drink juice all day long – let them have it as a treat and drink water for the rest of the day.

10. Entertainment

Instead of having both a cable and a Netflix subscription, for instance, get rid of the one that you use less. If you’re heading to the movies, wait until the movie you want to watch is in a second-run theater, which will allow you to watch it at half the usual price. Look for any free entertainment you can – think picnics, free concerts and free passes to museums or other places of interest.

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