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13 Surprising Uses for Baby Powder

Baby powder isn't just for babies. It contains less chemicals than talcum powder, so it is much safer to use, and it can help sooth and prevent chafing, rashes and soften your skin. But beyond benefits of baby powder skincare, there are a number of ways you can employ it around the household to save you time and money. Some of these are fantastic, and if you don't have baby powder, then corn starch can do pretty much do the same job.
Baby Powder
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1. Clean Grease off Your Recipe Books

CookbookThe kitchen is the logical place to store your recipe books of course - after all, it's the place where you are most likely to need them! However, your books are likely to pick up a disgusting layer of thick grease over time, leaving them feeling sticky and causing the pages to go crusty. If this happens to yours, sprinkle some baby powder over the books and leave it for an hour, before wiping away the powder to reveal cleaner pages. This can work with other cardboard and paper objects too; clean smaller items like playing cards by putting them in a sealed sandwich bag full of powder and giving them a shake.

2. Spruce Up Your Pet's Coat

Your dogs and cats need a good bath every month or so, but between vigorous washes, their fur will pick up plenty of grime and dust. You can keep them nice and fresh by using baby powder as dry-shampoo. It is both an effective de-greaser and a fragrant deodorizer that will leave your pet smelling fresh. Just make sure you only use talc-free powder for this job.


3. Keep Pesky Ants Away

AntsAnts are impressively resourceful and fascinating insects, but that doesn't mean you want them around your home. If you spot any popular ant hangouts around the house or garden, try sprinkling baby powder in the vicinity. They aren't keen on the scent and will stay away. This makes a great alternative to harmful, chemical repellents, especially around children.

4. Lift Oil Stains

When you're frying up meat, you will often find that the pan spits out hot oil on to your clothes. These stains can be difficult to remove with water, but baby powder can help. You need to apply the powder on both sides of the stained fabric and leave it soak in. Hand-wash the item afterwards, and leave it to dry in open air. This should remove the stain!


5. Refresh Your Sheets

Bed SheetsWe all sweat when we sleep - there's nothing any of us can do about it, especially during the summer. It's not always practical to change your sheets every other day, and it's expensive too. If you want to keep your bed fresh for longer without resorting to the washing machine, add a light dusting of baby powder between your sheets before you go to sleep. It will soak up any moisture and leave your sheets much fresher.

6. Keep Insects Away from Your Flower Bulbs

Many gardeners have found baby powder to be a great, cheap repellent that will both keep pests away from newly planted bulbs and reduce the chances of them rotting before they grow. All you need to do is place the bulbs in a sandwich bag with some baby powder and shake well before you plant them. Use 3-4 tablespoons of powder with 5-6 bulbs.


7. Remove Knots from Jewelry & Shoe Laces

JewelryIt's really easy for necklaces and bracelets to develop knots or tangle up altogether, and it can be extremely frustrating. You don't need to give up on your favorite pieces just yet - sprinkle some baby powder on the troublesome items and rub them between your finger and thumb. This should gently loosen stubborn knots. The technique works well on shoelaces too!


8. Make Your Deodorant Last

If you want to retain a fresh fragrance long after you've applied your deodorant for the day, smooth some talc-free baby powder onto your skin. It will add an extra protective layer that ensures you smell fresh without the need to re-apply the deodorant, which can leave your skin feeling sticky and uncomfortable.

9. Remove Sand from Your Feet and Hands

Sandy feetWe all love a fun day at the beach, but it's difficult to avoid taking a huge amount of sand with you when you leave. Sand between the toes and fingers is annoying and uncomfortable, and if you don't clean it off it will also end up deposited around your home and car. Solve this annoying problem by carrying some baby powder in your beach bag. Sprinkle it over sandy areas of your body and with a little shake, the sand will drop off.

10. Fragrance Spills and Leaks

If you have children or pets around your home frequently, you will inevitably end up with some spills here and there. If this happens to you, then dispel any lingering smells using baby powder. Wet the area, dab it with a damp cloth and then sprinkle baby powder over it. Let it sit until the area dries and then vacuum it up.

11. Stop Rubber Gloves From Sticking Together

Rubber glovesBefore you wash your dishes, dust a sprinkling of baby powder over your rubber gloves to prevent them from sticking together. It's a good idea to apply some powder to your hands as well - this will make it easier to put the gloves on and leave your hands feeling nice and soft by the time you've finished your chores.

12. Keep Your Shoes Fresh

A lot of shoes are designed to be worn without socks, but wearing them on bare feet can cause them to stink over time. To combat this issue, sprinkle some baby powder inside your shoes each morning to absorb any sweat released during the day. Not only will your shoes smell better and last longer, but your feet will be nice and fresh too.


13. Stop Floorboards from Squeaking

FloorboardsWooden floorboards will squeak as they become loose over time and start to diminish. Baby powder provides a great temporary fix for this problem. Apply it between the cracks around the floorboards and work it in using a paintbrush or similar, it will eliminate friction and prevent the irritating noise.

Source: magicfreebies.co.uk

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