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9 Natural Remedies For Nausea

 Nausea is that unpleasant feeling of discomfort inside your stomach, oftentimes leading to vomiting. The most common causes for nausea can stem from food poisoning, side effects of certain medications, pregnancy, ulcers, motion sickness, and acid reflux digestion problems. 
You don't need to head out to the doctor's office when you hear a rumbling in your stomach. There are plenty of natural remedies that can be found at home that can treat nausea. Here are 10 natural cures for nausea that will help soothe your stomach: 
1) Ginger - Ginger is a powerful ingredient that's helpful in many situations. Adding ginger to a cup of hot tea can work wonders for an upset stomach. You can also drink Ginger Ale if you have any in your fridge, or make it from scratch (recipe listed below). Ginger promotes the secretion of various digestive juices and enzymes, which neutralizes stomach acid.
Directions For Making Ginger Tea:
  • 1 ginger root
  • 2-3 cups of water
  • Honey (optional but recommended)
  • Wax paper
  • A cutting board 
How To Prepare It: 
Make sure you thoroughly wash the ginger to get all the bacteria out. You will then want to slice the ginger into tiny pieces. Place a cover with wax paper over the sliced ginger and crush it. Boil 2-3 cups of water over a medium-high flame before adding the ginger. Allow the ginger to boil between 3-5 minutes. 
Remove the concoction from the heat and pour everything into a tea cup. You can also strain it before pouring it into the cup. Honey can increase the flavor, and help keep the nausea at bay. Find a comfortable chair, sit down, sip slowly and relax.
Directions For Making Ginger Ale:
  • Add 2 cups of chopped ginger roots
  • Add 3-4 strips of lemon or lime peels
  • Add 3 quarts of chilled club soda 
  • Add 1/2 cup of sugar
  • Add several ice cubes 
How To Prepare It:
Add 2 cups of freshly peeled and chopped gingerroot with lemon or lime peel, and 4 cups of water. Let the mix boil over a high flame, and then at an active simmer. Let the Ginger Ale remain uncovered for 10 minutes. 
Add some sugar while stirring, and continue to boil the mixture for about 15 minutes or so. Strain the ginger syrup over a large bowl, separating the ginger roots from the liquid mixture. Use a glass container to chill the syrup until cold, or up to a week. Mix ¼ cup of the syrup with 1 cup of the cold club soda and pour over ice.
2) Eat Some Milk Toast - Toast is an ideal food to digest for treating stomach disorders. Bread helps absorb excess stomach acid, which can trigger nausea and vomiting. The milk helps coat your stomach. Milk toast is very easy to make and very effective once consumed. DO NOT consume if you have gastroenteritis. 
Directions For Making Milk Toast:
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 piece of toast
  • Some unsalted butter
How To Prepare It:
Heat a cup of milk up, but make sure the milk is not boiling. Pour the milk into a small cereal bowl, and let it cool off for a few moments. Put the bread into the toaster, and spread a tiny bit of unsalted butter on it. Crush the toast into the milk, and eat slowly. Drink the tea with ginger after you've eaten the toast to soothe the stomach acids.  
lemon and peppermint
3)  Smell a Sliced Lemon or Peppermint Oil - You would never think that the scents of peppermint oil and lemons could help cure nausea, but they do. The strong citrus scents in the lemon helps to soothe your stomach, while the peppermint oil can be gently rubbed onto your gums with your fingertips.
The lemon should be sliced in half before inhaling the citrus aromas. Lemon juice can also be extracted into your ginger tea for a great taste. You can keep a few wedges of lemon or lime in a Ziploc Bag in the freezer, and suck on the frozen cirtrus fruits to reduce nausea.  
4) Use A Cold Compress On Your Neck - Grab an ice pack from the freezer, but make sure it stays out for a few minutes before applying it on your neck. Apply the cool compress to the back of your neck to help reduce the nausea levels. If you don't have any ice pack, you can simply take a cold washcloth dipped in cool water and follow the same protocol. 
5)   Stay On A BRAT Diet - B.R.A.T is an acronym for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. These bland foods are low in fiber to limit any gastrointestinal disorders. If you're well enough to eat, you can start by consuming any of the above mentioned foods/ Remember to eat very slowly. 
6)  Avoid Dehydration - You lose a large volume of fluid and electrolytes during a stomach virus or after you vomit. It's essential to replace the lost fluids to prevent dehydration from occurring. Make sure you drink plenty of cold water, but drink it in tiny sips. Alternatively, you can sip on some sports drinks to regain the lost electrolytes and stay fully hydrated.  
7) Get Some Air - It's crucial to step outside and breathe some fresh air. You can also open the windows to air out the house or sit on the balcony if you're too ill to walk far. If you're feeling a bit flushed, you can turn the fan on. Just make sure you keep it on a low speed.  
8)  Go To Bed - Go to the bedroom, and pull the shades down so that it's dark and cool in the room. Lie down with your head on a single flat pillow and keep your knees bent to prevent any pressure to your stomach area. Regularly breathe to avoid any stress, which could worsen the nausea.   
9) Stretch - A discomforting feeling in the upper back or neck region can trigger vomiting and nausea. Try doing some simple neck and back stretches in orde to alleviate the tension that is causing the upset stomach. 
A Stretching Exerise For The Back: 
Place a yoga mat or a towel down on the floor, and position your body as if you're about to do a push-up. Lift your upper body up, and arch your back as you tilt the head back as far as possible, the underneath of your chin facing the ceiling. Your body should form a "U" position. 
A Stretching Exercise For The Neck:
Sit on a chair and tip your head forward, while touching your chin to your chest. Hold the stretch for about 10-15 seconds. It's important that you tilt NOT roll the neck to prevent pinched nerves or induce the nausea. Tilt your head to left, as if you’re trying to touch your ear to your shoulder. Hold the stretch for 10-15 seconds, before repeating to the other side.

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