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A Modern Geography Game

If you were put in the middle of nowhere, would you be able to guess which country you were in? Using Google Maps, you can roam the whole world from your computer, so this geography game uses Google Street View to see whether you can guess where you are!

Take a peek around the local landscape and, once you think you know the place, you can guess your location on the map and earn points based on how close your answer was. You can play as a single player, or challenge other internet users. Click here for instructions.

Tip: If the map is too large, look at its upper right corner and click on the downwards-facing arrow to make it smaller!

How to play

On the left

  • Compass: If you click on the red or white needles, the street view will change direction. If you click and hold the mouse you can spin the view around.
  • Fullscreen mode: Not applicable in this game.
  • Flag: Clicking on this returns you to the view where you first started.
  • Plus and minus: Allow you to zoom in and out.

Symbols on the streets

  • Arrows (on the road): Click on these to move along the road, lane or dirt path.
  • Hand: This is the movement of your mouse. Choose anywhere on the map, click and you will be taken to the closest road path.

On the right 

  • Leader board: Shows you your score and what round you are on.
  • Google map: For submitting a guess.
  • You can zoom in and out of the world map using the plus and minus signs on the right of the map, to get a more specific location. You can also use your mouse scroll button for this.
  • Click on a location to mark your guess, then click on the green bar with the words ‘make guess’ to submit your answer.
Changing the map size
  • Don’t click on the arrow pointing up and to the left, as this will make your map too large to navigate.
  • You can shrink the map by clicking the arrow pointing down and to the right while you are navigating. To return it to its normal size, click the arrow pointing up and to the left.


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