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What Does It Feel Like - Hilarious!

It's almost impossible to explain how something feels to another person. Things just feel a certain way. One thing we can do to try and convey how something feels to us is make use of metaphors or visuals to pass our message along. And we're as happy as a pig in mud we could bring these feelings to life with this next series of animations. 

Watch these hilarious animations to really connect a visual to how something feels like...

When you lay on clothes fresh out of the dryer

When your friends come to you for advice

When you accidentally make eye contact multiple times

When you open your car door on a really hot day

What you want to say to your crush

When someone lurks over your shoulder 

When you guess the Wheel of Fortune puzzle before the contestants

When you try and log off the Internet

When a movie trailer spoils the movie

When you wake up on your birthday

When you realize how long you've been online

When you’re picking out donuts at the bakery

When your teacher says a swear word

When you see your friends at the same party


Did we get the feeling down right??

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