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The Best Kind of Patient

Three surgeons are sitting in a bar discussing which people are their favorite to operate on. The first surgeon looks at the other two, and tells them that his favorite patients are librarians. The other two then ask him why.

"Well," he begins, "I like librarians, because their insides are always filed away in alphabetical order." The other two slowly nod in agreement.

"My favorite kind of patients are electricians," the second blurts out.  "Why?" the others ask in tandem.

"All of their innards are grouped together and color coded." All three nod before all eyes fall on the third surgeon.

The third muses for a moment before he says, "Lawyers."

"Lawyers?" the other two ask incredulously.

"Yup, they're heartless, gutless and spineless so it's really easy to work on them!"

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