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Reasons That Hold Us Back On the Road to Self-Realization

 Sometimes in our lives, we feel that we are not progressing and that a sense of uncertainty surrounds us - usually, it is actually a sense of self-exhaustion. Some of us will choose to blame those around us, while others will criticize themselves in such a way that will paralyze them, while some will actually overcome these obstacles and move forward. But what is certain is that there is no lack of reasons that inhibit us in our path to self-realization and success in life. Luckily, we have collected nine such reasons and the ways of coping with them that will lead you to the future you desire.

things that harm success

1. The pursuit of impossible dreams

We all like to dream and say that we have dreams, but some of us tend to make them a way of life, unable to break away from the illusion and be grounded in reality. In addition, this makes us live in our imaginary world as if we are waiting for a miracle to happen, and so we take no action to achieve and fulfill our dreams. When we don’t take a step and are only sucked into our dreams, the likelihood of them coming true is significantly lower. In order to improve your chances, you must break free of the big dreams you are immersed in. Instead, try to break them down into small dreams or, alternatively, into steps that you need to take in order to achieve the bigger dream.

 2. The inability to concentrate on one task at a time

Many people are led by the principle of "a few more minutes on Facebook and then I’ll start...” The problem is that our world is rich in various technological platforms that suck us in and it is very difficult to ignore them. Thanks to these diverse technologies and our addiction to them, we can’t concentrate on just one task. As a result, we lag behind at work, have a pile of dishes in the sink and above all else - we are drawn and addicted to screens. In order to be more efficient, you need to set task deadlines and track them in order to be able to accomplish them successfully.

things that harm success

3. The inability to maintain consistency 

Have you ever started doing several tasks at once and haven’t been able to finish any of them? We are sure that it’s happened to most of us at least once in our lives. This includes exercising, dieting, learning something new (like a language), having a hobby and so on, and things you started to do with great excitement and stop after a week or a month.

There is only one reason for this concession - lack of perseverance and failure to set measures of success or desired results. In Japan, there is a special term for this syndrome – The Three-Day Monk, the number three symbolizes the average amount of days it takes for the excitement to fade and we give up what we started. To overcome this syndrome, you can use the kaizen approach that teaches how to succeed in tasks by working slowly and continuously over time.

4. The inability to feel responsible 

Not every bad thing that happens in our life is necessarily our fault, but most of it is our responsibility. We can blame other people or obstacles along the way but that will not change the situation and certainly will not solve it. However, by taking full responsibility for the events, you can improve, learn and build a better future. The ability to admit and correct our mistakes is the first and most important step on our path to success. Just take responsibility for your life and so you’ll be able to turn your ideas and dreams into reality.

things that harm success

5. Not being supported by the environment 

One of the secrets to personal success is the support we receive from our loved ones. But sometimes instead of getting support from them, we get a lack of understanding and negativity, things that make it very difficult for us to continue on our path. In such a situation, it is very important to relax and not to fight or argue with the people who are close to us. Instead, we have to tell them how much we love them, explain to them that the things we are doing are very important to us, clarify to them what we are trying to achieve, and how important their support is to us.

6. A lot of self-criticism

Self-criticism can be of great benefit but at high doses, it can actually cause us to become attracted to negative thoughts and settle in our problems. As a result, critical thoughts feed our brain and make us feel sad, which can lead us to depression. Not only does self-criticism not lead us to success, but it also keeps us away from it. We aren’t saying that self-criticism isn’t good, we just have to approach it consciously, so that we control it and not the opposite - this is what will help you to snap out of your negative thoughts and intelligently reevaluate the various possibilities that you face for future success.

things that harm success

7. Pointing fingers

There are two kinds of people in the world - those who blame everyone around them and those who take responsibility for their mistakes and actions. The former will point an accusing finger at the government, the country they live in or even their parents – who according to them, are the factors that did not give them the chance to succeed in life. While the second type of people, those who take responsibility for their actions achieved the goals they set in life.

People of the second type know that success depends on the effort they invest, the persistence, the goals they set, and the knowledge that blaming the other will lead them nowhere. Surprisingly, failures can even motivate them to achieve success. Remember that there is no one to blame for your failures other than you and only you are able to reach a happier future and experience successes.


8. Setting unattainable goals

Most of us have big dreams that we strive to achieve, but we sometimes aim too high or expect quick success that is almost impossible. It is very important to understand that your dreams can become goals for life, but you need to learn to set them in implementable ways - analyze the resources you have, how long you will need to achieve them and how realistic they are. When you learn to set goals for success that are achievable, you will also feel satisfaction and you can track your progress. Moreover, even if the goals that you set yourself becoming illogical, there is a way out, try to rewrite them or break them down into smaller goals, to ensure your goals are met. 

things that harm success

9. Previous Failures

Each of us experiences failures, sometimes we can try and do everything in our power, but we simply will not get the desired result. In this case, you have two options: to sink into depression and continue to feel sorry for yourself or you can analyze the situation, understand that you have done things wrong and try starting again from zero. You can achieve success from experiencing failure. Take an example from Stephen King, despite being rejected by more than 30 publishers when he wanted to publish his first novel, he eventually achieved tremendous success in his field.
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