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15 Outstandingly Beautiful Houseboats You Can Rent


If you've ever felt like spending your life at sea, we've got some great news for you - There's no need to join the navy since there are plenty of houseboats that you can rent out from Airbnb that will make you feel like the lord of the lake!


Here are 15 of the most impressive ones:

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1. The River Den: Gatineau River, Quebec
Beautiful Houseboats
This cute little houseboat has a surprisingly spacious lounge, as well as a cozy wood stove, and even a second-story sleeping loft. Built entirely by its owner, this fabulous houseboat features distinctive circular windows and 8-foot patio doors!
2. Brand Eigenbau: Berlin
Beautiful Houseboats
This tiny houseboat can be found in Heidesee, which is just outside Berlin. It's designed for the summer, with a BBQ grill, lazy hammocks, and an absolutely enormous sun deck! However, the majestic fireplace that it has inside also makes it an ideal winter retreat, too!
3. Louvre Barge: Paris
Beautiful Houseboats
This gorgeous houseboat is actually a historic Dutch barge and can be found moored on Paris' left bank, between the Pont des Arts and Pont Neuf bridges. If you venture below deck you'll be pleased to find that there's even a reclaimed wood bar in the well-equipped kitchen.
4. Friesland Houseboat: Grou, Netherlands
Beautiful Houseboats
What you can see in the picture above is merely the tip of the iceberg. Upstairs, you'll find a communal dining/living area and kitchen, while downstairs there is a laundry room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. The communal area is sunny all day long, thanks to smart floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, which also provide a fantastic view of the water and passing boats.
Beautiful Houseboats
Located in Paris' 16th arrondissement, just across from the Eiffel Tower, lies this stunning houseboat. Its owner has been very busy packing a lot of character into the 650-square foot area, and the artistic decor gives it a lot of Parisian charm.
6. Sugar Shack: SeattleBeautiful Houseboats
The Sugar Shack is yet another houseboat that's brimming with charm. Its windowed breakfast room is ideal for anyone to relax in, and the houseboat's huge windows and colorful decor make it feel warm and homey.
7. Glamping Loft: Braine-le-Comte, Belgium
Beautiful Houseboats
Here's an extremely modern houseboat that features a lot of small-space inspiration. Its living room gives you uninterrupted views of the water and the stunning Flemish countryside. It also features a glossy white kitchen, and an outstanding space-saving bathroom!
8. The Lil' Bamboo: Key Largo, Florida
Beautiful Houseboats
Packing tons of fun into just 38 feet, the Lil' Bamboo is bound to make your summer vacation one to remember for life! You can find it docked in one of Key Largo's marinas that features tiki huts, a bathhouse, and a gorgeous beachfront.
Beautiful Houseboats
This wonderful Parisian floating home is merely a 15 to 20-minute walk away from the closest Metro station, giving you easy access to the many beautiful sights that Paris has to offer. What's more, after a long day sightseeing, you can chill out in your very own private jacuzzi!
10. Boutique Houseboat: Cambridge, England
Beautiful Houseboats
Located just a short walk away from Cambridge's city center, this lovely houseboat has impeccable hardwood flooring and authentic shiplap walls. Its arched tongue-and-groove ceilings also give the main cabin an impressively lofty feel.
11. Le Grand Large: Metz, France
Beautiful Houseboats
A quaint houseboat with a grand name, the guest suite in Le Grand Large feels just like a floating cottage and comes complete with plenty of awesome features, such as a gingham-skirted kitchen sink, and inbuilt bench seating in the lounge.
12. Sleep Aboard: Providence, Rhode Island
Beautiful Houseboats
This incredible houseboat is simply the epitome of a miniature house, and even features a small picket fence that was thrown in for good measure. Its interior is designed to resemble a quaint village cottage, and the attic's pitched-roof sleep loft is a very nice touch.
13. Tugboat Sally S: Seattle
Beautiful Houseboats
This classic tugboat is chock-full of fantastic vintage metal features, which include classic portholes and industrial lights, as well as brass grab bars and bathroom fittings. Lovely!
14. Authentic Barge: Amsterdam
Beautiful Houseboats
This beautiful houseboat couldn't be more different from the many Dutch houseboats that can be seen all over Amsterdam. Built in 1905, this unique vessel simply oozes charm, and still contains many original features, such as its gleaming metal portholes and solid wooden floorboards.
15. Aqua Villa: Stockholm
Beautiful Houseboats
Moored in Pampas Marina, this modern and stylish houseboat has two levels of deck, which are edged in metal balustrades, giving it a unique industrial appearance that's quite unlike anything else out there right now!


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