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The 10 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Kid Is a Threenager

 Everyone has heard of the term 'terrible twos', but if you're living with a three-year-old child who acts like they're going on 13, your child might be turning into a 'threenager.' Threenagers are full of attitude and sass, and like to be in charge. If you think that your little one might be turning into a threenager, then be on the lookout for these warning signs:
1. You live in fear of giving them the 'wrong' thing
angry toddlers

You know that you'll be in trouble if you mistakenly cut their sandwiches into squares instead of triangles. The same goes for putting their milk in a green cup instead of a red one!

2. They love putting their hands on their hips

Placing your hands on your hips is the ultimate 'no-nonsense' stance. If your 3-year-old also rolls their eyes while standing like this, then you've certainly got a threenager on your hands!

3. Naps have turned into a battle of wills

According to your overtired toddler, day sleeps are totally optional! They will refuse a nap by yelling the house down, but will then end up nodding off during the drive to the mall an hour or two later.

4. They've become a backseat driver
angry toddlers

If you thought that adult backseat drivers are annoying, then wait till you get into a car with a threenager. They will scream 'Go!' as soon as the lights turn green, will get frustrated in traffic jams like they're running late for a job interview, and will demand that you take a particularly 'fun' route home.


5. They demand to do EVERYTHING by themselves

While it's great that your toddler is suddenly starting to become independent, there are certain things that a 3-year-old just isn't capable of doing, such as gently pouring a 3-liter jug of milk over a bowl of Fruit Loops.

6. They ALWAYS want to choose their bedtime story

Once upon a time bedtime stories were all about reading and parent-child bonding. Nowadays though, threenagers constantly assert their 'right' to choose what they want read to them, only to change their minds halfway through...

7. They begin to outsmart you
angry toddlers

If your child suddenly starts talking like a lawyer or a pushy estate agent, then you may have a threenager on your hands. For example, if your kid wants to go to the park, but you say "no" because you're busy working from home, they might reply with something like, "OK then, I'll ask dad because he isn't working!"

8. They tell you to "calm down!"

"You have until three!" they might threaten, as you recoil in horror that they're using your very own tactics against you. If your 3-year-old tells you to "stop being naughty" then you're probably dealing with a threenager.

9. They're in charge when you're playing together

If your 3-year-old starts telling you exactly what to do when you're playing with them, then they may have turned into a threenager. This is especially true if they won't allow you to get a word in when suggesting different ways to play.

10. They start running off for no reason

Probably one of the most dangerous symptoms of being a threenager, running away from parents for absolutely no reason is a common way for toddlers to prove that they have a certain amount of power over you. This is why it's important to be vigilant at all times, when you're out and about with any toddlers.


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