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11 Optical Illusions You Must See

 If you are you in the mood to have your mind blown, I've got some optical illusions that will undoubtedly do the trick. Get ready to test your powers of perception by checking out the outrageous and bamboozling optical illusions below. Don't forget to let us know which of these confused or astounded you most?
1. An infinite chocolate bar
When cut, this 5x5 chocolate bar rearranges itself but suddenly produces ad extra piece. 
2. Wooden bars illusion
Depending on which end you're looking at these wooden bars, they seem to be either next to each other or one lying on the other. 
3. A cube and two identical cups
This Chris Westall illusion shows a cup on the table next to a smaller cup on a cube. However, when looking at the image from another angle, you will see that the cube is a drawing and the cups are similar in size. 
4. The café wall illusion
While it may at first seem like the lines are curved, they are in fact parallel. Curious to know where the name came from? The illusion was discovered by R.Gregory on the wall of a cafe in Bristol.
5. A negative girl illusion
Keep your gaze focused on the red dot on the nose of the 'negative girl' for 30 seconds. Then quickly look at the ceiling and you'll see her change. 
6. The Leaning Tower of Pisa illusion
At first glance, the right tower seems to be leaning at a greater angle than the left one. But the pictures are actually identical. 
7. Disappearing spots
Each of the 12 lilac spots moving in a circle disappears for about 0.1 seconds, and if you stare at the cross in the center, you'll first see a running green spot, then the lilac spots will begin disappearing altogether.
8. A black-and-white illusion
Keep your gaze focused on the four dots at the center of the picture, then look quickly at the ceiling and blink. What did you see?
9. Discoloration
Look at the white dot in the center for 30 seconds and notice how the colorful dots around begin to change colors or fade away completely.
10. A couple in love
When children look at the image they see dolphins at play. While adults see a couple in love. The image was made by Sandro Del-Prete and is called 'Message of Love from the Dolphins'.
11. A ship or an arch?
This illusion is actually a real work of art created by Rob Gonsalves, a Canadian painter of magic realism. Depending on the angle of the image, you'll either see an arch of a long bridge, or ship sails. 
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