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17 Eccentric Cats To Make You Smile

 Each and every cat has its own unique personality. And most of them are as hilarious as any toddler I've ever seen. So, if you miss your old cat, or if you just love every cat in the world, this collection of eccentric felines will put a smile on your face straight away!
That's one way to scratch an itch.
It's the way you tell them.
This blue cat has a funny tail, but I'll check with my nose.
I will go to the ball!
What do you mean I've put on a few pounds? Nonsense.
If YOU'RE not going to give me a neck rub...
You go your way, and I'll go mine.
You built this for me? Thanks, I'll use it like this.
Cats' eyes never fail.
The red basket treatment.
If at first you don't succeed...
Muffin tops
Do I look good in this?
You're the light of my life, puss!
It's not YouTube, it's my tube!
Wherever I lay my head, that is my bed.
You think I look odd, you should see my owner!
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