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12 Adorable and Funny Pet Photos of Bath Time

 Bath Time! Two words that most pets dread - and probably their owners too. Nevertheless, every once in a while, bath time is necessary. And just when we thought our pets were cute enough before bath time, they tend to look all the more cuter (and hilarious too) afterwards. Take a look at this adorable and funny collection of pets at bath time. 
1. After her first bath, Sadie was never quite the same.
2. The look on this cat's face says it all.
3. This hamster looks a little traumatized. 
4. This cat must be thinking: "I will remember this..."
5. The look of fear before bath time.
6. This dog must be wondering: "Is it over yet?"
7. Poor cat. Looks defeated!
8. This dog needs a moment to recover from bath time.
9. "I'm meeelting!"
10. Feeling betrayed!
11. "I thought I could trust you!"
12. "I tried to escape! I really did..."
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