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Impressive Body Art by Emma Fay

 Emma Fay's body art is mesmerizing. She brilliantly combines her creativity and skills with some incredibly flexible and patient models, creating realistic works of art. In her technique, she uses a brush and sponge to apply the water-based paints to the human body. The finished product, as you're about to see, is incredibly impressive - there's also an element of optical illusion in her work too, making her art all the more remarkable.
To view more of her work, check out her website.

Emma Fay, 27, took the internet by storm when she wowed the world with her contortionist spider.

Pictured above, an ultra-flexible model was transformed into a super-sized spider. It took Emma, five hours of intricate work to create the incredible detail.

As you can see below, she also uses the human body to create objects and landscape scenes. 

She has been body painting for five years and has created a series of images to celebrate the marvels of nature. 

Prior to proceeding with her art work, Emma asks the contortionists to get into the initial pose. At this stage, she marks out where the outline will be. 


The contortionists can only hold the pose for five-seconds. In this crucial time, she has to work quickly and ensure that she will get it right. 

 See more of her art, and hear her talk about her passion in the video below:

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