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These Cute Animal Reactions Will Make You Smile

 Our most memorable moments in life usually come from the first time we did something, whether it be our first day at school, the first time we went swimming, or the first time we rode a bike without falling off. However, as you're about to see, first times are also important for animals too. Just as we'll never forget our first time on a plane, a cat or a dog will never forget the first time it set foot in snow, or the time it first came across a vacuum cleaner. Below are 25 animal firsts which are bound to bring a smile to your face.
1. A Corgi Enjoying Her First Ever Swim 
2. A Baby Chimpanzee Takes His First Steps Away from His Mom
3. This Cat Experiences Snow for the First Time
4. This Rescued Dog Experiences Sleeping Inside for the First Time 
5. They Forgot to Tell Their Cat That They Have a New Addition to the Family
6. A Baby Polar Bear's First Time in Snow
7. This Cat Takes Her First Trip Outside
8. Two Week Old Kitten Meets the Sun for the First Time
9. He Meets His New Sister for the First Time
10. They See the Ceiling Fan Move for the First Time
11. I Think He Really Enjoyed His First Time Experiencing Snow
12. Their Owner Is Using a Vacuum for the First Time 
13. His First Experience with a Cat Didn't Go That Well
14. His First Time Trying Solid Food
15. She Really Enjoyed Sticking Her Head Out the Window for the First Time
16. She's Really Not That Impressed with Her First Time in the Snow
17. The First Time This Hamster Experienced a Blanket
18. The First Time Going Down the Stairs by Themselves...Must Have Been Exhausting
19. Her First Time in a Wide Open Field 
20. This Adorable Puppy Howls for the First Time
21. His First Time at the Beach
22. A First Visit to the Vet


23. A Baby Raccoon's First Trip into the Big Wide World
24. A Family Took Their Horse to the Beach for the First Time
25. Their Very First Walk
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