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13 Very Clever Adverts

 I'm one of those people who always gets up and leaves the living room when my favorite TV shows are interrupted by tedious commercials. Hell, we probably all do that! But every now and then you will come across an advert that is just a little bit...amazing! To see what we mean we've put together 13 incredibly clever adverts that were the talk of the town.
1. Kleenex Tissues
2. Adidas Training Equipment - Stay on Your Toes!
3. Have a Break...
4. Black Rum - A Sailor's Dream/Nightmare
5. Entering Deep Waters with National Geographic
6. Time for Some Steaming Folgers Coffee
7. McDonald's Make Their Mark
8. Miele Vacuums Are Very Powerful Indeed!
9. Nike's Idea of a Bench
10. Folliderm Have a Good Hairloss Serum Promotion
11. Warm Wishes from Our Friends at Drybar
12. Nationwide Insurance Is Here to Help
13. Unwrap Your Voice with Ricola Cough Drops
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