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5 Animals That Possess Incredible Healing Powers

 All animals are capable of taking care of themselves, thanks to natural defenses which ensure their survival. Now more than ever before, scientists are studying a wide variety of animals to see if they can learn anything from their different health mechanisms. While the topic is extremely vast, the following five creatures, through scientific research, have been found to possess incredible healing powers that can rehabilitate and treat human illness.
1. Dogs
Animals - Healing - Powers

Healing Ability: Dog saliva has been found to heal wounds. The movement of a dog's tongue can loosen debris on the surface of a cut.

Backed By Science: Researchers discovered a protein called Nerve Growth Factor in  dog's saliva. They applied this protein to wounds and found that cuts and grazes that have been treated with NGF heal twice as fast as untreated wounds.

2. Snakes
Animals - Healing - Powers

Healing Ability: Protein found in the venom of a Malayan pit viper can be used to treat strokes and prevent blood clots.

Backed By Science: While getting bitten by this extremely venomous snake is far from ideal, their venom has been found to be very effective when it comes down to treating dangerous illnesses. Ancrod, a protein found in the Malayan pit viper's venom, can dissolve stroke-causing blood clots for as long as six hours after the first symptoms of a stroke have begun. At the moment, the venom is being used in Europe to treat patients who suffer from deep-vein thrombosis, and to prevent problematic blood clots from forming during surgery.

3. Cats
Animals - Healing - Powers

Healing Ability: Through their deep purring, cats have the ability to mend broken bones.

Backed By Science: Frequencies of 20-50 Hertz help speed up the healing process of bone injuries. Therefore, feline purring vibrations, which range from 20-140 Hertz, have the power to help heal soft tissue injuries to ligaments, muscles and tendons.

4. Bees
Animals - Healing - Powers

Healing Ability: Bees are the backbone of our ecosystem, providing us with multiple food sources. Their pollen is the perfect food, containing almost every nutrient that is required by the human body.

Backed By Science: Bee pollen is rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and bioflavonoids, which are anti-viral, anti-bacterial and help to lower cholesterol. Fresh bee pollen also contains at least 20 amino acids that help build healthy cells.

5. Household Pets
Animals - Healing - Powers

Healing Ability: Household pets have been found to raise immunities in babies.

Backed By Science: Babies who encounter pets during their first six months have much lower chances of developing allergies and asthma. Children with pets are also a lot less likely to get colds and ear infections during their first year.


Source: goodnet
Photos: depositphotos

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