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Cats Have a Funny Way of Making Everywhere into a Bed

 It seems cats have more sleeping positions than any other animal, and they appear to be perfectly comfortable in any way, shape, or form, even if it seems to be breaking all the laws of physics and comfort. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw these wonderful photos of sleeping cats. I'm sure you'll find them as heart-warmingly funny as I do.
Just because he can
If it has walls, a cat will sleep in it
So cuddly!
Which would you pick up first?
This kitty will sleep anywhere warm
I'm tired of washing...
This is better than sleeping alone
Want to turn over...too tired
Like peas in a pod
You rest, dear. I'll keep watch
Libraries are so soporific
I'm very comfortable, thanks
No bed? No problem
I was gonna do a trick, but why bother?
Salad bowl days
Cats play by their own bedroom rules
They all have their own preferences
What's a book to you and me, can be a pillow to a cat
Don't I look beautiful!
A Gymnasticat
Tops and tails
There's always one snorer
I've seen cats in windows before, but this is ridiculous!
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