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EXERCISE MUSIC BOX: Keep Going with These Inspiring Songs!

 So, you want to go for a jog, brisk walk, run, or do some stretches, but you are feeling a little unmotivated. No problem. All you need is something to push you along. Something to thrill, excite, and inspire you to leap straight to the end of your goal. Music is arguably the best tool for this task, and that's why we've put together 24 energy inducing songs that you already know all the words to and have loved for many years. If you can think of a workout song that we should have included on this list, please let us know! Now, ready? 3-2-1 go!


Little Eva
Gloria Gaynor
Manfred Mann
Dusty Springfield
Van Halen
The Crystals
Tina Turner
American Breed
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
Spencer Davis Group
Bill Conti
The Trammps
The Shangri-Las
Del Shannon
The Four Tops
Michael Jackson
Aretha Franklin
The Four Tops
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