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These 20 Animal Facts Will Definitely Intrigue You!

 The Animal world is awe-inspiring and full of surprises, I collected some animal facts that will amaze, amuse & teach you something new. Plus, there are some super cute photos!
1. Did you know that turtles can breathe through their anus?
2. If a squirrel finds a baby squirrel without parents, it will immediately adopt it!
3. Bees communicate through a complex dance.
4. Did you know that dolphins actually have specific names for each other?
5. In Japan, macaques search for lost coins, as they've learned to use vending machines!
6. Humpback whales can get a song stuck in their head!
7. Did you know that a group of pugs is called a "Grumble"?
8. Baby chimpanzees will pick up and play with rocks and sticks, just like human infants.
9. This surprised me too, but apparently, rats & mice are ticklish and can actually laugh!
10. When passing by another, an ant will bow its head in greeting. Aren't these little fellas polite?
11. Goats from different parts of the world actually have different accents!
12. Ever seen dogs play around, then suddenly sneeze? That's how they tell each other that this is a game and not real aggression.
13. Fennec foxes have extra-hairy feet, they act like snow boots - but for sand, making sure the fox can run faster and doesn't get burns on its little fluffy feet.
14. Seahorses are amazing! They mate for life and when they swim around, they'll hold onto their mate's tail. (Oh, and the males actually get pregnant).
15. When otters go to sleep at night, they hold hands so they don't get separated.
16. Cows choose other cows as best-friends and spend all their time together.
17. Did you know that when they play, male puppies will let the females win?


18. Did you know that elephant shrews are actually related to elephants, not shrews?
19. Crows are known for being intelligent, but did you also know that they're such rascals that they play pranks on each other, just for fun?
20. Wombat poop is square! (but they're so adorable!)
We hope you enjoyed reading these as much as we did finding them!
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