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How to Identify the Signs of a Stroke Before It's Too Late

 We'll start with a short story...

During a barbecue, one of the guests, a woman named Jane, tripped and fell. She got up almost immediately and assured everyone around her that she was fine. Others suggested she get an ambulance, but she refused and explained that she bumped into a small stone and tripped because she was wearing new shoes.

They helped her clean herself up and handed her a new plate of meat. She seemed to be a bit shaky, but continued to enjoy the evening.

Later that night, her husband called and told everyone that his wife was rushed to hospital. She died a few hours later. It turned out that she had a small stroke during the barbecue.

If someone had known how to check for signs of stroke, Jane might still be alive today.

Early - Signs - Stroke

According to Neurological experts, if a person has a stroke and receives treatment within three hours, they would be able to saved and returned to normal condition. All one needs to know is how to identify a stroke, and once you know it has happened - rush the person to the hospital immediately.

So how do you identify a stroke?

At times, it can be quite hard to identify the symptoms of stroke. Unfortunately, this may lead to brain injury and death.


Today, neurologists recommend 4 simple steps to identify if the person has had a stroke:

1. Ask the person to smile.

2. Ask them to say a simple sentence and repeat it a few times.

3. Ask them to raise their arms above their head.

4. Ask them to stick out their tongue. If the tongue is crooked, meaning leaning to the right or left, that is a clear indication of stroke.

If the person has trouble doing ANY of these, call the emergency number right away and describe the symptoms so they send an ambulance immediately.

Please share this important information, it might save someone you love dearly.

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