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Take Our Test: What's Your Strongest Mental Ability?

Your mind is an extraordinarily complex and unique maze. One way to understand your mind better is to find out which of your numerous mental abilities is strongest. So, which is your strongest mental ability? Take our test to find out!
Are you left or right handed?
What catches your eye about this picture most?
The eye
The rainbow
How the images interact
The mystical vibe
The hands
The opening at the bottom
The stars
How do you normally go about solving a puzzle?
I start with any piece and then build.
I look at the picture on the box.
Not sure really.
In sections.
Start with the edges.
I lose interest before finishing.
Start in the middle.
What is your preferred learning style?
When do think most clearly?
Early morning
Late at night
During or after exercise
When being challenged
During prayer or meditation
When writing
What is your usual morning routine like?
I don't have one.
Breakfast, shower, and lots of time to get ready.
Watch TV or listen to radio before getting ready.
Walk the dog.
None of these.
Prayer or meditation.
Are you usually more organized or messy?
A bit of both.
How do you fix problems and challenges in your life?
I go with my gut.
I ask for advice.
I weigh up the pros and cons.
I panic.
I just go with the flow.
I tackle things head on creatively.
I procrastinate
If your life was made into a movie, which Oscar would you be most likely win?
Best Picture
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Original Song
Best Screenplay
Best Foreign Language Film
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