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Fantastical Austrian Architecture

 Friedensteich Hundertwasser was an Austrian architect like no other. He lived a colorful life and had a unique esthetic, described by some as Dr. Seuss-like or phantasmagoric. He began his career as an artist and became an architect when he was 55. He advocated that architectural design needs to be in harmony with nature. He would give lectures in the nude, and later became an environmental activist.
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1. Waldspirale in Darmstadt, Germany
architect, amazing, weirdSource: Bartek Langer and Source: Dirk Hartung
2. Plochingen, Germany
architect, amazing, weirdSource: barnyz
3. Green Citadel in Magdeburg, Germany
Hundertwasser considered straight lines to be sterile and soulless. His design style included bright colors, curved lines, undulating floors, indoor trees and grass-covered roofs. He thought windows should dance, and that no two should be alike.
architect, amazing, weirdSource: Peter Visser
4. Building in Bad Soden, Germany
5. Kuchlbauer Tower brewery in Abensberg, Germany
architect, amazing, weirdSource: Helmlechner
architect, amazing, weirdSource: d4rk4ng3l
He approached architecture with the environment in mind, often using plant decor to diminish pollution and developed new architectural shapes such as the high-rise meadow house and the eye-slit house. 
6. Hundertwasser House in Austria
7. Painting 'Irinaland Over the Balkans'
8. Maishima Incineration Plant in Osaka, Japan
architect, amazing, weirdSource: ignis
9. Spittelau thermal power plant in Vienna
architect, amazing, weirdSource: Emiliano and Contributor
10. House in Rogner Bad Blumau, Austria
11. Ronald McDonald House in Essen, Germany
architect, amazing, weirdSource: Mosmas
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